08 February 2014

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Skylar McKenzie is a serious artist with a plan. She'll graduate high school, travel around Europe, then leave her life in Texas and move to New York. She'll also leave her feelings for the boy she's known her whole life, behind and move on. Or so she hopes.
Jackson Cruz is ready for a future as a star quarterback once he graduates high school. It's the path he's been leading for years now. But when his cheerleader girlfriend cheats on him, and a teammate causes a lot of drama, he wonders if this is really the life he's wanted, or if there's something more.
They thought they had it all figured out-their futures. But life doesn't always go as planned. With feelings revealed, their dreams on the line, this is a year for changes, choices, and a love that might or might not overcome all obstacles.
Told in Jackson and Skylar’s POV, this is a story about acceptance, first love, embracing your passions and finding your way, even if it’s not the way you had planned.

In this story we meet Skylar and Jackson. Both have been through a lot of drama in their life. Skylar lost her father just a few years back, and Jackson's mother walked out on him, his brother Jared, and his dad when he was just a young boy. Skylar, Jackson, Jared, and both the families have been friends their whole lives so growing up Skylar and Jackson were inseparable until High School when Jackson started dating another girl who he felt safe with because she couldn't hurt him.
"It's easier for me to let myself be with someone when I kn ow it won't really go anywhere. Then I can't get hurt if I don't expect too much."
I can totally relate to Jackson. The only problem is that Skylar is in love with Jackson and vice versa. Skylar is the quiet one. She has a couple of close friends but prefers to stay home and paint and read. They really are opposites on the outside but the same inside.
"I've always loved Jackson. He was my best friend. We had everying in common. We shared everything. We loved the same things, and what the other didn't like, we compromised."
When Jackson finally leaves his current girlfriend and allows himself to be with Skylar I was wondering where the story would go. They did have their fair share of drama of the typical teenager sorts. In general this was a typical YA novel. There was nothing in it to make it stick out from any other and while it wasn't a horrible read, it wasn't that exciting either. Then when we get to the end and I am thinking it will be tied up in a neat little bow for us, she drops a huge whammy and just leaves us hanging. There is obviously going to be another book in the series. For me that was disappointing. I wish she would have shortened some of this story as I felt it dragged in places, and given us one complete novel. I would recommend this for anyone in high school however. I do love YA novels but sometimes I think being an adult reading them makes them fall flat for me as I want something a bit deeper. This was a nice little break from all the NA I have been reading lately however.

“Jackson?” Skylar’s voice is a breath of air.
“Do you think your dad will ever date again?” Her question surprises me, but I’ve wondered that myself. He just makes an excuse that he’s too busy.
I move my head so I can look at her, “I’d like to think he’ll meet someone. But he doesn’t seem interested.”
“My mom’s the same way. She works too much so she claims she’s too tired.” Absentmindedly, I run my fingers up and down her arm. “I think she’s still scared of the idea.” I can relate. “Sometimes I can still hear my dad’s voice, telling me what to do.” Her voice takes on a haunted tone. My hand reaches her fingertips, slowly tracing the length of her newly manicured fingers. “Does the pain ever go away?”
I stop moving; wracking my brain for an answer but come up short. “I don’t know, honestly. We've both lost a parent in a different way. I imagine it’ll get easier. You know why?”
She pivots her body so she’s on her side, facing me. “Why?”
I lean close to her, reach out to touch her face and say, “Because I’m gonna remind you of all the memories I have of him, to make you smile, laugh and feel grateful for the time you got to spend with him. Because that’s what he’d want.” A tear falls from her eye. My head dips slightly, kissing it away.
She wraps her arm around my waist. “That would really help, Jackson. And I’m sure he’s watching us from wherever he is, smiling and happy that his daughter is happy with such an incredible guy.”
It brings a smile to my face and I hope her dad knows how grateful I am to him for bringing such an amazing girl into the world. I’ll do my best to show her how special she is. I can be that guy for her. I will be. I hold her tight against me, massaging her back. Our legs are tangled together. There’s no such thing as perfect; in a perfect world, maybe. But this is anything but a perfect world. However; this night, this moment, is as close to perfect as you can get. I close my eyes, soaking up the warmth emanating from her body, listening to her steady heartbeat.
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Annie Brewer leads several lives. At home she's a caring mother of two with a heart of gold. Online, she's a best friend to several and puts a smile on her many fans every time she utters a word. In her own world, she's a dreamer. But the biggest part of her is made of books, books, and more books. It's not a surprise she's turned out to be such a talented young author. Some of her many hobbies include reading, drooling over Ian Somerhalder, Channing Tatum,and Christian Grey (etc.), reading, reviewing, reading, watching Vampire Diaries, reading, and last but not least WRITING like a maniac. She currently resides in Texas, where she dies of heat-strokes every few seconds, with her many books and book-boyfriends, and her two adorable little girls.
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