23 March 2014

The Oracle's Flame by Mell Eight

 The Kingdom of Altnoia is on the cusp of civil war. The king and heir have been murdered, the throne taken by their uncle, and the kingdom's only hope lies with Prince Edan who has been missing for the past year. The Oracle appoints her new Dragon of Fire one task: Find Prince Edan and keep him alive.

It should have been a simple task, but Dragon did not anticipate that Prince Edan would hide away on a pirate ship, forcing Dragon not only to endure pirates, but sea-sickness and his fear of water. And nothing, not even the Oracle, could have prepared him for the twins and the complicated feelings they spark.

WARNING/SPOILER: Contains twincest and a threesome relationship.

I should warn you right off the bat that this book does have instances of twinsect that happen during it, but they are not graphic or extremely detailed in any way.
But onto the review now!
I really enjoyed this book for the simple fact that the story itself is something that is completely different. It was interesting to follow along with the characters, I don’t know if they would be considered shape shifters or elemental controllers but it was just amazing reading this story.
Once I started it, I could not put it down. We have Kindle’s character that can shift into a dragon and is on a mission to find the prince, keep him safe and save the world from the wrong doings of others. But he ends up meeting Sev and Sov, and realizes that he has feelings for both of them. And he is worried it will take away from his mission.
Considering this is a short story, there was so much action packed into it that it kept me turning the pages and wanting to read more. Also, considering the length, I was really surprised about how well the characters were developed. I was able to connect with them all in different ways.
I can say the only thing that bothered me was the ending because we are left wondering what is going to happen. What is the next step in the story between Kindle and the men?
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