30 April 2014

Another Heaven Tour Stop!

Title: Another Heaven
Author: Annu Subramanian
Publisher: Apprentice House
Pages: 332
Genre: Factu-Fiction
Format: Paperback/Kindle

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Annu Subramanian’s new novel, ANOTHER HEAVEN, exposes with unflinching honesty and deep psychological insight the twisted relationship between terrorism and human trafficking. ANOTHER HEAVEN may be difficult to digest in part, but its frankness and refusal to turn away from the unsparing horror of its terrible premise make the book an essential addition to the literature of terrorism and its links to international human trafficking.

Subramanian, a self-described “writer of conscience,” employs her considerable literary skills in the service of shining a bright light on human rights abuses and terrorism. In her previous novel, WAITING FOR THE PERFECT DAWN, Subramanian focused on bringing awareness about the suppression of women and domestic violence.

I want to warn you this isn’t an easy enjoyable read, it is an intense dramatic story that everyone should take time to read and absorb.  We really don’t understand evil until we read of the atrocities with terrorism and human trafficking that is taking place in South India.  This story will leave you sobbing at the pain people endure and astonished at how easy others can be persuaded to follow an organized religion or terrorist group, believing what they are doing is for their higher power.

Tina is a very compassionate young lady who wants to further her education.  Learning never stops for her and taking the trip to South India is going to be instrumental in her understanding terrorism.  Before she leaves the news in America is non-stop talk of the latest bombing in the area she is going to but this doesn’t stop her.  Once there her bus isn’t able to take her the whole way so she finds herself a new friend and her first night in the country at a hostel. 

Shocking her awake is a young woman pounding on her door for safety, but the men found her before Tina could figure out what was going on.  The lady left her what appears to just be a piece of paper, but later we find it is a target that is now on Tina’s back. 

Saying any more about the story will lessen the impact you will feel as you read it.  I can’t even count the amount of times I shook my head and had to try and rationalize that this isn’t all fiction, this is happening in the world.  The details of events that this author gave us created a picture that made me want to erase the images, but I couldn’t.  The emotions, fears and reality jumped from the pages and forced me to accept there is pure evil in this world that we do need to fight and there is no real rationale for terrorism. 

I would advise everyone that they need to take a break from the fluff and fiction that is out there and allow you to not only be absorbed in this story but educated regarding the things that is going in this world.  Tina was a great example of how she didn’t let fear stop her, she knew she could make a change and educate others and she stayed focused on the goal.  Such a gripping story, I highly recommend it. 

“When bound by religion, one cannot draw boundaries to the path to heaven.”

“Stop hurling religion like a hunter throws raw meat to a beast.  Before you enter the path to heaven, what about the hell you have created for hundreds of men and women on this earth?  Which religion would endorse your actions?”

“You live in a chasm between heaven and hell.  You and your whole lot.  To me, there is nothing between heaven and hell.  And I can turn that HELL into HEAVEN.  This is why I cannot leave religion alone.  It is what makes me what I am.”

Annu Subramanian is the director of the Writing Center at Brown School, Schenectady, New York. She co-founded Albany Women Connection, a support group in Albany, New York. She was chosen as one of four national finalists by the Norman Mailer Center and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in 2011 for her short story, SO FAIR AND VERY LOVELY. She was chosen as Educator of Excellence in 2011 by the New York State English Council.

Her latest book is the factu-fiction, Another Heaven.

Visit her website at www.annusubramanian.com.


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