19 April 2014

Just Shoot Me by Becky McGraw

 Tina Montgomery needs to find her Texas Tomcat. Her promotion and livelihood depend on it. That promotion could mean a new life for her, her sister and her niece. It’s a big risk however, because if she fails in her bid to head up a new menswear line at her company, she could lose everything. That’s why finding the perfect model to represent the line has become her sole focus. At the point of thinking she would …never find that man, one with both experience and attitude that shows in his face and eyes, she meets Dean Dixon. His gorgeous eyes tell a story she definitely wants to hear and the man has more attitude than any she’s ever met. Physically he’s perfect for the job. But that attitude she thought she wanted in her cowboy quickly becomes her biggest downfall when she tries to convince the sexy, but hard-hearted rancher to help her.

Dean Dixon is done with women. His cheating ex-wife has shown him just how untrustworthy women are. He has a ranch to run, and a son who might not be his to raise alone. That’s more than enough for any man to handle without dealing with his sister-in-law’s friend who is determined to convince him to model for her company. He has seen what that industry has done to his brother. Dean is a rancher, not a model, and he isn’t about to abandon his family or fall into the same trap his brother had. He stands his ground, until his sister-in-law tells him why Tina needs the promotion she’s wanting so badly, and asks for his help. Hope had bailed him and his family out when they needed her the year prior. How could he refuse to help her now?

I don’t read a lot of cowboy romance, but the idea of cowboy hats and wrangler jeans that fit a well-defined behind do tend to appeal to me.  I though this story was fun, sexy and sweet…until the end.
We first met Dean in a short story “Hope for Christmas”.  I remember that even though he was a minor character in that book, it was obvious he had a story to tell.   In this book, Dean meets Tina.  She’s a friend of his sister-in-law and on the surface it doesn’t seem like they have much in common. Tina is a sweet person; Dean is…well…not.  However, there is an underlying chemistry between them that cannot be denied.  They don’t get along, but that just fuels a pretty intense burn between them.  They realize they have more in common than it first appeared, but each has been hurt before.  Can they get past their differences to discover that they could be perfect for one another?
First off, the sex in this book is awesome.  I thought the author did a really great job with the chemistry between Tina and Dean as well as the set up for their first encounter. I could not stop reading because I just had to get to the point where they just do it already!!!!  There are also some embarrassing and laugh out loud moments in this book that I thought were written great.  They will definitely stick with me.
My major complaint about this book is the ending.  I felt like the rest of the story was well thought out and paced well and that the ending just didn’t fit.  That’s all I’ll say about it, but the final act left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
Overall, I thought this book was great despite the ending.  Heartwarming, funny and with a very grumpy cowboy that you can’t help but grow to love.  4 stars.

This story is about family, love and romance. Yes there is a difference between love and romance. The unconditional selfish kind of love is so tangible in this book it’s just amazing. It shows you how a real family really is and how family is more than just your blood and that love is unselfish.

Tina and Dean complement each other. She is the funny to his grumpy and the happiness to his crankiness. Tina never second guesses her decisions. Especially when it comes to giving Dean a piece of her mind about his choices. She has a strong personality and a strong heart.. 

The drama and humor brought to the story by the children involved is amazing. The sweetness of their innocence was the cherry on top.

 The author's writing is exceptional. It allowed me as the reader to feel as if I was part of the book. I wanted to be part of their family. 5 star review and looking forward for the next installment of this series


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