28 April 2014

Sylvie And The Spark Tour Stop!

Title: Sylvie and the Spark
Author: Gianna Day
Publisher: AKA Press
Pages: 88
Language: English
Genre: Erotica
Format: Kindle
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One night of phenomenal sex isn’t enough to convince Sylvie that she should stay with Dave, her long-time boyfriend who borders on dull when not in the bedroom. When a set of twins moves in across the hall, Sylvie’s horizons broaden, though this pair might not turn out to be exactly what they seem. With a backdrop of inappropriate coworkers, a humping-addicted mutt, and a set of sexy suitors, SYLVIE AND THE SPARK is sure to please, in more ways than one. 

Sylvie and the Spark appears to be the first book in a series with the other books titled Sylvie Says Yes and Sylvie on Strike.  I enjoyed this first book but I have to say it didn’t leave me dying to read the next ones.  While the author kept the story line real and didn’t over dramatize events, I found the story similar to talking to a single girlfriend who is out looking for Mr. Right. 
Sylvie was in a long term relationship with Dave when one night she finally had enough and broke it off with him.  She couldn’t stand their sex life any more, it was boring.  She didn’t really know what she was looking for but it was clear that a life time with his puppy attitude was not going to fulfill her.  When she noticed the two brothers moving in across the hall she thought maybe the sexy one was be the spark she was looking for in life. 
This is where the story really starts to build with the two brothers.  There are some hot scenes in the book and I can admit they were hot but not overdone.  The secondary characters in this book are interesting and do add some charm to the book.  I like how the author developed the relationship between Sylvie and her mother, co-workers and boss but I think the scenes that had me laughing out loud was the ones with her ever humping dog. 
The story flowed smoothly and the author did a great job at telling a whole story in a short book, which for all of this I gave it a 4.  My only complaint about this book is there just wasn’t more action and intensity to the story, but that also was refreshing that she kept it real.  I think the looking for Mr. Right in a sea of murky water has long passed me and I am not intrigued by that any longer.  So if that is the only negative I found in this book then yes it deserves a recommendation and a four star rating so go on and get your copy and check out the whole series. 

“You’re just so…” Dave looks into my eyes and runs his finger down my cheek.
Please don’t say pretty. Anything but pretty.
“You’re so…”
If you call me pretty for the thousandth time I’m going to try to gnaw my own face off just to ensure that I am no longer pretty.
“You’re so… pretty.”
“I am not pretty, Dave.” My voice is loud and edgy as I jump from the couch.
“But Sylvie, you’re so pretty.”
“I’m sorry,” I say, pacing back and forth in front of him. “I mean, thank you. Thank you for thinking I’m pretty. And I know this is our foreplay, that you tell me I’m pretty and touch my face, which truthfully has always struck me as just a little bit creepy. I mean, it’s almost a tickle, like you’re tickling my cheek and I think that’s weird. Is that weird? Is this just me?” I stop pacing and look at him for an answer.
“I could touch your arm first, would that be better?”
Resume pacing.
“No, Dave. Look, I have to be honest. We need to try something different.”
“Gosh, Sylvie. What if I called you beautiful?”
Don’t pull your hair out in front of him, he’ll be scarred for life.
“Dave.” I sit back down on the couch and hold his hands.
“Yes, Sylvie?” He looks like a second grader hoping someone will pick him for their kickball team.
“Could you just try to be less of a puppy?”
“Less of a puppy?”
He flashes his puppy dog eyes.
“You want me to be a kitty?”
“No, Dave. I don’t want you to be a kitty. I want you to be a tiger, Dave.”
“A tiger?”
“A tiger!” I stand back up. “I want you to be my big strong tiger and I want you to roar for me.”
“You want me to roar?”
I take off my shirt and bra, unbutton my jeans, stand before him, and cup my breasts.
“Show me what a tiger you can be, Dave.”

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Gianna Day writes erotica and erotic comedies. She lives in the pacific northwest where she enjoys running, flying kites, exploring museums, and eating late-night desserts in all-night diners. She believes that with a healthy sense of humor, everything will be just fine. She’s the author of the Hot Secrets Collection, which includes five erotic, lesbian short stories, and The Sylvie Series, a collection of hetero-novellas full of both comedy and naughty bits (sometimes at the same time). Sylvie & the Spark and Sylvie Says Yes are available now on Amazon. Sylvie on Strike is soon to follow. Visit her at www.GiannaDay.blogspot.com.


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