22 May 2014

Covet by Selene Chardou

 Chantal Gillespie has always been a fighter despite a less than ideal home life. After she snags a scholarship from University of Lake Tahoe, she is determined to enjoy her last summer of freedom before college begins.

Marian Decker is the daughter of the Vegas charter president for the notorious White Knights MC. She’s spent her whole life trying to prove she isn’t like them, and the University of Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to start anew.

Laine Coburn is a privileged and drop dead sexy professional with an easy life until a scandal ruins his career, and he is forced to relocate to the small backwoods city of Lake Tahoe.

When these three people collide, their lives will change forever.

Chantal loves Laine and wants to build a life with him.

Marian is in love with Laine, and views him as a way out of her bleak existence.

Lust and passion can be a dangerous combination when the object of affection is the man another woman covets.

When I first started this book, I was confused. Come the middle part of it, I felt like I knew what was going on. Then the ending? I’m back to being confused.
In the book we get to meet Chantal, Marian, and Laine whose lives all intertwine, but for reasons that are completely unknown until you get further into the story. Ms. Chardou does switch POV’s a lot in this book, because each chapter is told by a different character. While that was done very well, I was also left a bit disappointed because I would be really into a chapter with one of the characters, and we would switch to someone else.
I will say that I was very disappointed in both Chantal and Marian’s characters because they were very willing to give away secrets that they shouldn’t have when it came to their biker families. Even after being warned, they both still told Laine things that he didn’t really need to know.
With Laine’s character, even though he was a complete player throughout the whole book, I did feel as though he was the easiest character to get along with and understand why he was the way he was. Granted, there is still a lot left to wonder about him, but I’m hoping that will be explained in the next book in the series.
While this is a biker book, I was happy to realize while reading it that the biker aspect didn’t take over the whole story. It was part of the girl’s lives, but we were able to learn more about the girls and the family relationships that were part of the club, and not just the bad that goes with club life.
Ms. Chardou also does a great job with pulling you into the story and leaves you wanting for more from the characters. With the way she ended this book, I really can’t wait for the next one to be released!
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