08 May 2014

 From the very funny and bestselling author Mimi Strong comes BLUE ROSES, a hilarious new story about a gruff motorbike repair shop owner trying to win the heart of a jaded florist. Tina has seen first-hand how Luca's relationships end with him sending apology flowers. She's worried she might be his next disaster.

BLUE ROSES is the first book in Mimi Strong's BAKER STREET ROMANCE series, which is a collection of linked stories that may be read in any order.

This was a sweet and fast read by Mimi Strong.  As a fan of her books, I was excited to read this new series, and it did not disappoint.
Tina is having a hard time moving past her first love, who died when they were young.  Every year around the time he passed she becomes depressed and remembers what it is she has lost.  Only this year, she meets Luca.  He comes into her flower shop looking to buy flowers as an apology for another woman. While Tina recognizes that she shouldn’t get involved with a man buying flowers for this purpose, she can’t help her attraction to him, an attraction returned by Luca.  Yet, as they pursue something with each other they are both haunted by their pasts.  Luca, because of his questionable past with women and Tina because of the pain she’s endured.  There’s a misunderstanding for which they are both too stubborn to talk out, and they part ways.  Months later, they run into one another.  Can they finally be honest with each other and give the promise of what could be between them an honest shot?
This was a fairly short read and one I did enjoy.  I really liked the chemistry between Luca and Tina, which made it even more maddening when the misunderstandings occur because they’re good together.  They just need to actually communicate!  Luca is endearing, even in his misguidedness and his character is funny and fun to read about.  Tina I liked, but I didn’t quite understand why it is that she had closed herself off for so long.  She was hurt, I get it, but at a certain point you have to put on the big girl panties and move on.  While I found this a bit annoying, it also served her in that I really wanted her to move on and find happiness with Luca.
Something I didn’t expect out of this book was how funny it was.  I knew that Mimi had a great writing style that told a story seamlessly, but I didn’t know it was going to be laugh out loud funny at parts.  Overall, this was a great start to the series and I can’t wait to see what Mimi has to say about the other characters from Baker Street.  4 stars.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I am a fan of Ms. Strong’s writing so I didn’t hesitate to snatch this book up to read and review. Unbeknownst to me, the author has branched out from erotica to contemporary romance and has done a very nice job of it. Blue Roses is a far cry from the short-circuiting erotica of her Borrowed Billionaire series as it focuses more on the developing relationship and romance between Tina and Luca; but don’t worry, Ms. Strong still brings the heat – it’s just more at a steady simmer than a full boil.

Blue Roses is the first in Baker Street Romance series. In this installment, Tina is a long-term Baker Street native. She works at the flower shop that has been in her family for well over a decade. She’s comfortable with her life, both professionally and personally; but her family and close friends are concerned that she’s “stuck” due to a tragic incident that occurred a decade before. Luca, or Luca Lowell (as Tina frequently refers to him by his full name), is a new business owner who has the other Baker Street inhabitants up in arms. Why? Because he had the gall to buy the local garage, close it for renovations, and let it be known that he was going to work on motorcycles when it reopened. Say it isn’t so?!?!? Why yes, that was the poor man’s offense and his reception to Baker Street was a tad chilly. Fortunately for Luca, he’s a man with a need to apologize to a woman for his behavior and finds himself at Tina’s shop to order an apology bouquet – which he gets, along with some very helpful advice from someone who knows the Baker Street population very well. After having to make up a second apology bouquet two weeks later for a different woman, Tina is obviously hesitant when Luca asks her out. Luckily for Luca (and us readers), she reluctantly agrees and we’re treated to a series of amusing and charming dates as the two get to know each other. As I said before, Blue Roses is a romance, so while the sex scenes are hot they are not graphic, but they are still capable of raising your blood pressure a bit.

Obviously, it’s not all smooth sailing for Tina and Luca, but you will have to read the book for yourself if you want to enjoy the journey. The Baker Street Romance series is off to a good start and Ms. Strong shows that her writing just keeps getting better. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
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