28 May 2014

Sacrifices by Chris T. Kat

When he was outed on the local news, Jeff Woods gave up his dream job as a detective to become an on-air radio personality. The sacrifice was worth it to keep Alex and Sean in his life, but Alex lost his job, too. Jeff can tell Alex worries he’s pressuring Jeff too much, first with Sean and now the lack of money, but he has no idea what that will lead Alex to do. Desperate times bring out the stupidity in some people, and when Jeff discovers Alex is in over his head in a situation he can’t handle, he needs all his self-control to stay calm.

Life is not easy with the Church of Virtue still spouting venom wherever they go, homophobes at the police department, a gangster who wants Alex in the worst possible way, and a bed that barely holds one grown man, much less two (and a child), but Jeff is there to stay for good, and he’ll do what it takes to make Alex believe him.

I’m not a fan of cop books; they are just not a type of book that I enjoy. But I have read books by this author in the past so I figured I would give this author a shot.
Once I started reading this book, I realized that I have read the first book in this series in the past and I was a bit worried because I wasn’t sure if this was a standalone, since it had been so long since I have read the first one. But thankfully, by the end of the first chapter, it all came back to me and I remembered what had happened in the previous book. On that note, if you haven’t read the first book in the series, you can still read this one. Even though it has the same characters in it, there is enough back story in this one that you don’t have to read the first one. But, if you’re like me, you are going to want to go back and read it.
There’s tons of action, drama, and suspense taking place in this book. But there is also a lot of romance, fear, and love in it as well.
I really enjoyed Jeff’s character; he has really started to grow on me throughout this book. With Alex’s character though, I had a bit of a problem with at times. It just felt like he was extremely needing and considering he had been on his own, and raising his brother, for so long, I felt like he should have been more comfortable with himself. Sean’s character was just so sweet, the author did an amazing job writing his character because you couldn’t help but love him.
Overall, I would say that if you enjoy reading cop books, you should really check this book out. And even if you’re not sure about cop books, you should still give it a shot because it’s that well written of a story.

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