11 May 2014

Tempted: A Nightshade Novel by Brenda Tetreault

 He spotted her in club Nightshade, a beautiful goddess among the mortals, and from that moment on she was his everything. She tempted him. She intrigued him. He wanted her.
Sabrina Donahue knew she was playing with fire from the moment their lips met, but something about Roman Arceneaux made it difficult for her to care.
Sensual and darkly intense, Roman is every woman’s fantasy come to life. One by one, Sabrina’s reservations fall prey to his skilled seduction, leaving her dreaming of a future she never imagined.
When monsters and mayhem intrude upon their lives, Sabrina’s fragile existence is threatened and Roman is left to wonder if their love will survive.
*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

I have to start off by saying that I did not take the blurb’s reference to monsters and mayhem literally, so I was not expecting an erotic paranormal romance. And while I do enjoy reading paranormal romances (erotic or not), I probably would not have signed up to read and review it for the blog as I typically need to be in the mood for a PR to fully enjoy it and I tend to stick to authors I know. As such, I am so very glad I did not know what I was getting into because I thoroughly enjoyed Tempted and hate the idea that I may have missed out on finding a new author to add to my go-to list for paranormal romances.

Ms. Tetreault introduces us to world with Vampirs, Damphirs, Strigois, Fauns, Fairies, Gods & Goddesses and other creatures. Sabrina unknowingly finds herself smack-dab in the middle of this world soon after an encounter with Roman in his club Nightshade. Roman is drawn to her immediately, while Sabrina refuses to acknowledge any pull she may feel toward him. As their paths continue to cross and the sparks fly (do they ever!), her resolve weakens and she finally agrees to go to dinner with him. From there, the sparks ignite their blazing hot passion and the results are some lip-biting, squirm-inducing sex scenes that are oh so good to read. Of course, the monsters and mayhem insure that it is not smooth sailing for Sabrina and Roman and the author gives us plenty of action and plot twists that keep the story entertaining and moving forward.

Tempted is a well written paranormal romance that kept me engaged and entertained the entire time. The author has created an interesting world full of characters I enjoyed spending time with and hope to do so again soon when she releases her next Nightshade novel.

Brenda Tetreault grew up on the southern Oregon coast. All through school she wrote, but put it aside when a school counselor informed her that, while she had a nice little hobby, she’d never be food enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy. She began writing again in her mid-thirties, and in 2009 her first book, The Witcher Legacy: Book One of The Bounty Cove Chronicles, was finally published. Today, Brenda is enjoying a small amount of success, and has even managed to pay a few bills with her writing!

In 2012, Brenda completed her first paranormal romance series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles. She is currently writing on an entirely new series, and on September 23, 2013, ‘Tempted’, the first book in The Nightshade Series was published and released through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Brenda is currently hard at work on the next in the Nightshade series, ‘Salvaged’, and while she is unsure of how many adventures there will be in this new series, Brenda does promise that it will feature all of the fun, adventure, love, steamy sex, and happily ever afters that have been the hallmarks of her writing from the beginning!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and to write such a wonderful review, Angela!