10 May 2014

The Lightning Moon by Sylvia A. Winters

 Arrow enjoys his job—more or less. It pays well, lets him travel freely, and puts his rather unique skill set to good use. But when he finds a letter addressed to the most recent man he's been hired to track down, he begins to wonder if what he's got is what he really wants.

Quinn has mostly resigned himself to a lonely life and instead puts his focus on assisting the unusual clientele of the Crystal Moon Emporium, a shop catering exclusively for witches. It's a life, if not much of one, and he's getting by. Then a handsome stranger walks through the door, and Quinn starts to feel that maybe just 'getting by' is no longer enough.

While I enjoyed this book, I also didn’t enjoy it at the same time.
I felt like the story was dragged on at times, to the point where I actually put the book down and started reading something else because I just couldn’t get into the story. The one bright light for the book was Quinn’s character. I loved how he was written, his personality and how he felt towards his brother. And I did enjoy how while he went all in with Arrow, he still held back a bit and didn’t just lose himself.
Arrow’s character was one that I didn’t like, but I didn’t hate. I do understand that he was the bad guy throughout the story, but I just couldn’t connect with him at all.
Michael’s character, I just didn’t like. AT ALL. I didn’t like how he was extremely self-centered and didn’t even bother to warn Quinn that he could be in danger. By doing that, he lost a lot of respect in my eyes.
Overall, while I didn’t enjoy this book, I would still read something from this author in the future to see if I like those books better.
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