17 June 2014

Fire Rising Part 2 by Donna Grant

 Continue the thrilling adventure with the second installment of Fire Rising by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant!
 In Fire Rising: Part 2, it doesn’t take long for Sammi’s enemies to catch up to her. Running for her life in the mountains, she is rescued from a deadly fall by a powerful, alluring dragon. A dragon who, somehow, looks familiar. When she discovers her rescuer is none other than Tristan, Sammi cannot control her desire…Tristan knows he shouldn’t have revealed himself to Sammi, but saving her was more important than anything else. That is, until the mountain reserved for the mates of the Dragon Kings becomes his destination of choice.. Sammi being there feels right, and when his smoldering need for her catches flame, passion consumes them both.

I really can’t get enough of this series; actually I can’t get enough of the world that Ms. Grant has created and the dragon’s that take part in it all.
This serial is one that I have been waiting for for quite some time because I just couldn’t get enough about Tristan when he was mentioned in the other books. Thankfully I was able to wait and not harass Ms. Grant for the story because this is just completely worth it!
I have loved being able to follow along as both Sammi and Tristan have went back and forth dealing with their feelings towards each other. It was great to see the explosion of sparks when they finally decided to stop fighting what they were feeling and just actually FEEL.
There was still a ton of action packed into this short part of the serial, but I don’t think that it was overdone at all. It really left me on the edge of my seat just because of the simple fact, I couldn’t wait to read more!
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