10 June 2014

Full Moon Hellhound by Jackie Nacht

Feeling emotions for the first time, this hellhound must let go of his hate to learn to love.

An Omega at Moon Compound, Oren’s life was irrevocably altered after being bitten by a hellhound. When the hellhound returns after saving Oren’s friends, Oren can’t forgive the enemy who mated the two of them that one fateful day.

Daegal is forever changed. As a hellhound, he never felt any emotions except hate until he bit a wolf on the day the horde attacked. Now giving up everything to see Oren again, he finds himself at the mercy of his enemies. Will he be able to let go of the hate to learn about love, or will he forever be lost to the shadows?

Authors note: This may be read as a standalone book however for better reading enjoyment, it is adviced to read the series in order. Thank you

Ms. Nacht continues to keep her Moon Compound series fresh and compelling with Full Moon Hellhound. In this installment, we finally get to see the aftermath of the hellhound attack from Full Moon Feral, when Oren was bitten by the hellhound Daegal. Despite the integral part Daegal played in saving the wolves held captive in Full Moon Gamma, Oren still harbors his hatred toward Daegal for biting him and for being a hellhound, and refuses to see him, even though he too is suffering from the avoidance.

Fortunately, the wolves of Moon Compound are close and care for one another and will do what needs to be done to insure the others’ health and safety – even when the hard-headed wolf in question is fighting them. As luck would have it, Oren witnessed the aftermath of his connection with Daegal and began to thaw toward him. Ms. Nacht does a wonderful job of creating situations for her characters to reexamine themselves and their potential mates without making the scenes feel contrived and she lends the same talent to Oren and Daegel’s story. As the two have the opportunity to reassess themselves and one another AND stop fighting nature’s pull between mates, they find themselves bonding quickly as enemies become mates. While their relationship is complicated by their pasts, it makes their mating that much sweeter as their shared soul becomes stronger in their union. The fact that Daegal has never known touch that was not accompanied by pain makes their physical mating intense and that much hotter as Oren shows him what it is to be touched by a loving partner and that an Omega can indeed take the lead.

Full Moon Hellhound was everything I have to come to expect from Ms. Nacht … a wonderfully written love story that takes place despite that ravages of war as the hellhound attacks worsen. Of course, she has opened the storyline further with the information revealed and hinted at in the Epilogue … there’s a traitor in their midst and so much more coming. I have already added Full Moon Torn to my “Want to Read” list as I wait impatiently for its release. 

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