26 June 2014

Razzle Dazzle by Morticia Knight

Jack is on the verge of silent film stardom, but Hollywood glory won’t heal his broken heart. But the seductive screen idol—Roman Pasquale—sweeps Jack away, and makes him his own. Will Roman’s obsessive love finally bring Jack true happiness?

Jack is devastated by the loss of Nick, his best friend and lover. His only other friend, new Hollywood star Trixie Fox, comes to his rescue. What he doesn’t know, is that she’s also helping Roman Pasquale in his carefully planned seduction of the shy and innocent Jack.

Suave film screen idol—Roman Pasquale—has been obsessed by Jack Stone from the moment he spotted him at a Global Studios party. He will stop at nothing until the golden-haired young man belongs to him. An expert at getting what he wants, Roman plans every wicked word, look and move to bring him closer to achieving his prize.

Jack is on the brink of stardom, and can’t believe that his movie star crush, Roman Pasquale, is taking an interest in him. But he resists the older, more sophisticated man’s attempts at seducing him. After all, he still loves Nick, and just isn’t ready to try again with anyone else. But when Roman turns on the charm, Jack is tempted. Can Roman replace Nick in Jack’s heart? Or is the magical world of the great Roman Pasquale all an illusion?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of drug use, reference to a prior rape not shown and scene of M/M/M/M.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


I have loved this series since I read the first one. I literally read through all of the books in 5 days just because I couldn’t put any of them down!  With the way that book 1, Hollywood Bound, ended, I couldn’t wait to start reading this book! I was hoping that I was finally going to get some of the questions answered that I had left from the previous book.
Thankfully, even though I was quite upset with how book 1 ended, I had really high hopes for Jack in this book and I wasn’t let down in the slightest. Ok that’s a lie, I was hoping for anything about Nick, but I do understand that Jack needed to grow on his own and learn about himself since he had been in Nick’s shadow since he first got to NYC.
We are able to follow along as Jack nurses his broken heart, and tries to figure out what he is going to do next. What starts as a fluke meeting, turns into a whole new future for Jack. Everything he never dreamed of starts happening for him, and the only downfall is he can’t share it with Nick.  But never fear because the amazing Trixie Fox is there to help him!
Roman is introduced in this book as well. We find out more about him, what makes him who he is and what he wants from Jack. You can tell by the way that he acts that he doesn’t ever get told “No” and he does go after what he wants. He is a very strong personality; you can tell that from when you first meet him. And he does come off as a complete jerkface, but there is just something about him that made me keep reading the story.
Overall, I really enjoyed being able to watch as Jack learned more about himself and was able to realize that he can still have his dreams, even without Nick there. This book shows that even when a person is heartbroken, they can still grow and create something amazing with their lives.
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