21 July 2014

Inescapable by Saskia Walker

 Torrid, intense, passionate - a ménage à trois that is truly inescapable. When Lily Howard agrees to meet the man she is having a powerfully erotic online affair with, she subsequently walks into a crime scene. Sexy police officer Seth Jones takes her into witness protection together with her online lover, Adrian Walsh, a man with crucial evidence for a court case. Deep in the heart of the Welsh countryside and locked up in a secluded hideaway with these two men - one alpha dominant policeman, and a wry, sensitive accountant who knows her every secret erotic desire - Lily soon becomes embroiled in a torrid ménage à trois that surpasses her every fantasy. Lily is wildly empowered by living her innermost desires in the safety of the hideaway. Adrian is the key that unlocks her sexuality, and Seth is the master who sets them both free. As danger stalks ever closer and the three lovers are torn apart, they each find that deep emotional bonds have also been forged. Can Lily ever forget what they shared? Does she even want to?

I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed this book.  I have been in a reading slump lately where it felt like every book I was reading was a repeat of the past ones, but thankfully this one completely pulled me out of it!
The storyline was refreshing, the characters were very well written, and the overall feeling of the story was one that was great to read.
While it could seem like the story is like so many out there, the trio ends up in witness protection and they are running for their lives, I think that the fact that Ms. Walker did a great job at keeping it exciting and page turning.  There were some of the sex scenes that I haven’t seen written about in a while, and no they aren’t anything rude, crude, or socially unacceptable, they were well written and exciting.
My only complaint would be that the ending of the story did seem very predictable, but I didn’t let that deter me from reading it. Once I started I just couldn’t seem to put the story down.
I really do hope that there will be another book that follows up on the relationship between Lily, Seth, and Adrian. It would be interesting to see what happens between them, and if they are able to make it work with all the different circumstances that are going on.


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