13 July 2014

Six Brothers by Lili St. Germain

I have lied.

I have cheated.

I have given my body and my life to the man who destroyed my family and left me for dead.

I have killed, I have sinned, and worst of all, I have enjoyed the misery of others.

I have licked the salty tears of a father mourning his firstborn son, and nothing has ever tasted so sweet.

I have died, and I have been resurrected, a phoenix from the ashes.

I know I’m going to hell. I’ll burn in the fiery pits alongside Dornan and his sons for the things I’ve done, and for the things I’m about to do.

But I don’t care. It will be worth every lick of the devils flames on my guilty flesh to destroy Dornan Ross.

One down, six to go.

Another bites the dust. – Queen

Six Brothers finds Samantha dealing with the aftermath of her murder of the first brother. Does she feel guilty? Absolutely not. The aftermath she has to deal with is Dornan’s mental instability as he grieves and it is not a pretty picture. Unfortunately for Samantha, her proximity to Dornan makes her an easy target for his outbursts and the results are not pretty. At least Samantha has found some light in the darkness in her friendship with Jason – but it is a fine line she has to walk to keep the friendship from becoming more. Through her forays into the past, we learn so much more about Jules and why Samantha has such a hard time being around Jason.

And yes, Samantha does claim another target in her quest for vengeance. It is not a pretty scene, but you can certainly appreciate her flair for revenge as she insures that his brother knows exactly why he’s dying. I loved it. I am so looking forward to reading Five Miles.

And for the reviewers down rating Six Brothers because of its price. Quit your whining. Nobody is forcing you to buy the book. If you can’t wait for it to go on sale, that’s your issue, not the author’s. Book sales are an author’s bread and butter and it quite literally puts the food on their table. It annoys me when someone complains about paying $2.99 for a book that will provide 2 or more hours of entertainment (depending upon one’s reading speed), yet think nothing of spending $10+ on a movie ticket plus more on overpriced snacks at the concession stand to be entertained for less than 2 hours. If you think a book is overpriced, DON’T BUY IT, it’s as simple as that. I’ll step down from my soap box now.



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