09 August 2014

Broken Promises by Melissa Huie

 When Shane appeared in her carport, Megan thought she was dreaming. The man who stole her heart, the father of her unborn child was the same man she feared dead. Elated and overjoyed, Megan believes they will finally get their happy ending.

But the happiness doesn’t last long. Shane’s long road home created demons, demons that Megan can’t fight. Past discretions come back to haunt them, and with that comes the paranoia and the distrust. And the trouble doesn’t stop there. Danger threatens their lives at every turn, and when the time comes, Megan must make the ultimate decision.

Will Shane and Megan have their happily ever after? Or will that be another Broken Promise?

Broken Promises is the next book in the series.  We left off in the last book with Megan seeing Shane after thinking he had been killed when his safe house blew up.  Although she tried to go on with her life, she never really felt he was gone.  What she finds out is the true identity of Shane and the job he does.  Since he came back he is going to bring the danger with him and now he is worried about if he can protect Megan, his unborn child and her family. 
We find as the story goes who the good guys and bad guys really are.  While I predicted it a few times, the author did keep the twists going that caused me to rethink my predictions a few times.  Megan and Shane struggle to find the balance of his job, the threat and becoming parents to their little girl but Megan is sure she can make this succeed, Shane is that important to her. 
There are some tense moments that kept me on the edge of my seat and the author did a great job at ending this story up without leaving us with a ton of questions, but I didn’t feel like the series lived up to what it could have.  She had a great plot, idea and characters but during both books I felt it was lacking something, that one little thing that would make this story come alive.  I wanted to be left with a book hangover with the idea that this story will keep coming to my mind days after finishing it, but I am afraid that won’t be happening.  Now with that said I do feel it was good enough for a first read and I would recommend it. 


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