05 August 2014

Caliente Release Day!

Caliente Release Day

Callie Miller just wants to have a normal life. She wants to put down roots and grow her sauce business into something her mother will finally approve of and she is well on her way to achieving her goals until Trey Cain barges into her kitchen and her life.

Trey ends up in Callie's kitchen purely by accident… the first time. Every time after that is entirely on purpose. He is determined to take advantage of every opportunity to get closer to the fiery brunette. So when she has an opportunity to film a documentary about her hot sauce, he is only too happy to offer the custom gourmet kitchen he built himself.

Trey and his big family is everything Callie has always wanted, if only she had the guts to grab on.
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Callie had been burned by marriage before she was even old enough to marry.  With a mother who went through husbands like most go through hobbies, she never expected to find a man who would be worth taking the risk for.  She focused her attention in raising her peppers and making her signature hot sauce to sell and finding a career with her fabulous cooking.  When an intruder came into her house one night for some milk, she came face to face with the man that might turn her world upside down. 
Trey owns a construction company and was at his aunt’s house fixing her fence when he was giving the peppers a try.  After an accidently confusing Callie’s house with his aunts he makes a point to bring her fresh milk and spend as much time as possible with her.  He doesn’t date much, giving the impression he is either gay or has really been hurt in the past.  Callie intrigues him and he hopes she will give him a chance to show he can be a real gentleman. 
With an injury and housing issues Callie ends up moving in with Trey and the relationship starts to pick up more momentum.  Trey gets to see firsthand how Callie’s mother treats her and to what extremes she will go to so that she can avoid her mother’s wrath.  This leads us to a fake engagement which will give her mother something to do and keep her happy but unfortunately this fake secret gets out and now Trey’s family is involved. 
Callie is worried about how to get out of this, she can’t go back and tell everyone this is a lie, but Trey is calm and has a plan.  He tells her they can announce it didn’t work out but secretly he hopes this is just the thing to push her over the commitment ledge and make her want more from them.  There were a lot of angles that the author used to make you think it was going in one direction, only to be surprised at the new direction.  It was a sweet story of hope and trust for Trey and Callie as they both patiently go towards what they thought they wanted only to find the real prize in the end. 
I really liked the additional characters that were added with his family and her friends.  They gave enough spice to entertain and keep the story interesting yet never over shadowed the main two characters.  Callie’s mother was written in a way that was worthy of the hate I felt for her and made my heart hurt more for Callie and Trey. 
If you would love to find a sweet romance that gives you smiles and a happy heart then I would recommend this book.  It wasn’t all fluffy, there were some tension and twists, but I felt good after reading it and found I actually missed Trey and Callie a bit after I read it.   
Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four children. Her real life is crazy but she always manages to find time for her imaginary worlds. Her escapes into fiction are frequent and varied. 
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