05 August 2014

Knock Out by Mallery Malone

 He is all about pleasure. His. His woman’s. Incredible, unrelenting, mind-blowing pleasure.

Heavy weight champion, Sebastian Delacroix knows how to handle pain.

But when he has a woman beneath him, in his bed, her softness in his hands, it’s all about hot, unforgettable satisfaction and all the ways he can take it and give it.

No one walks away from him…Except one woman: Renata Giordano. And now she’s back. Strong, sexy, irresistible Renata.

This time, she will not escape.

Sebastian is coming for her and he’ll fight as dirty as he has to.

She will be his.

The synopsis of this novella had me really excited!  Billionaire, alpha ex-fighter?  Second chance romance?  How could it go wrong?
Sebastian is a former heavy weight champion.  He has moved back to his home town to run his business when he crosses paths with Renata, a female boxer training for a prize fight and his former lover.  Problem is, five years ago Sebastian left Renata alone and heartbroken, and she’s not easy to forgive or forget the pain she suffered at his hands.  This time, however, Sebastian is determined to make Renata his for good.
Oh sweet baby jesus in the manger was this book hot.  A short book and introduction to this new series, I was seriously disappointed that it ended!  I was hooked.  Sebastian is an uber-alpha, but totally not in a creepy or stalkerish way.  He loves Renata, and as the whole story becomes clear and his reasons for leaving 5 years ago come to the surface, it’s hard not to feel for him and hope that they can both work past their issues and give their love a real shot.  I mean, if I were Renata I’d cave at the machismo alone.  Sebastian is hot and determined. 
I thought the writing in this novella was really great as well.  It had a great flow and really relayed a sense of urgency and intensity to the story that kept me turning the pages.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I got caught up in a story this short, but I did.  This leads me to my one complaint which is that this easily could have been a full-length book.  The characters were great and it seemed to me that they were just waiting for their full stories to be told.  Don’t get me wrong, this packs a lot of punch and is a great read, but I really wanted more.  Perhaps that was the point, because I can guarantee now that I will be reading the next book in this series without question.  4.5 stars.

I just finished Knock Out and I really liked it. It's all about second chances no matter if you are expecting it or not.  This will be a part of a series.  The Lost Boys which include Sebastian, Raphael and Gabriel. They were all trained at Hard Knocks and have made a name for themselves.  This is Sebastian's Story. He has loved Renata seems like forever but he left her five years before to work on his career or do we think. Renata is a fellow boxer and has made a name for herself too. 5 years later she is by herself after breaking it off with her Fiancé/trainer and she has a match to train for. She heads home to New Orleans to train at Hard Knocks.   She doesn't realize that Sebastian is there until last minute but she had no other choice for her to win the match of her life she will need Sebastian to help her even though she doesn't want anything to do with him.  But Sebastian is there for her. He will stop at nothing to reclaim the love of his life.   Will Renata be able to forgive him for leaving her all those years ago?  You will have to read and see. 
I really liked the story. It had a good plot and good characters. I haven't read a boxing book in a while so it was a refreshing read. This one is different because of her being a boxer too. Again that was refreshing.  It's short and quick but it packs a lot of punch.  
Sebastian is a hottie that I have no doubt. Sexy, sweet and Duh!!  He's a boxer in a suit for crying out loud!!  I liked the fact that he was reclaiming what was his. He has some damage from his past that affects his future but he needs a strong woman in his life to feel worthy. Renata is a good strong woman. Not because she's a boxer but because they have a history already and she lets him know how he ruined her life when he left. She gives it to him good and once the gloves are off oh yeah they get it on good!  
It's a really good story and cannot wait to see what happens. The other Lost Boys need their women!

Knock Out is the first novella in the Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans series. While it is a short read, it is a fully developed story that pulls you right into Sebastian and Renata’s tale. Sebastian is a billionaire bad boy fighter with a reputation as a player – but that’s because there’s only ever been one woman for him and he left her behind five years ago. Renata is the one that got away – or that he pushed away, breaking her heart and his in the process. But she has a fight coming up and no trainer or manager, so Sebastian has a plan to win her back.

This was a really good read. The characters are well-developed and Ms. Malone provides enough back story that I was able to connect with the characters almost immediately. I was invested in both their relationship and Renata’s match. Because both characters are athletes and well-conditioned, the sex scenes were quite intense – both physically and emotionally. I enjoyed Renata and Sebastian’s story as well as the foundation that the author builds for the next book in the series. I enjoyed Ms. Malone’s writing style and look forward to the next book in the series.


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