10 August 2014

Fight For Me by Sharon Page

 I had to drop out of college to raise my son after his dad, bad boy MMA fighter Ryder King, and I broke up. Ryder is so haunted by demons he won’t let me into his heart. Fame, fortune, and fighting didn’t bring him any peace, and I knew, for the sake of our child, I had to leave him.

That’s when I started seeing Ryder’s best friend, Xavier Malone, a former fighter who built a billion dollar empire. Xavier is powerful and handsome, but also caring and wonderful with my son. We were friends at first and now I’m falling for him—but I’m scared to commit.

Then I receive an invitation to the island of Eden, a luxurious resort where I can live my every sensual fantasy. I’m certain Xavier sent it. But after I leave my son with my mom and fly to Eden, I discover I’m in the middle of a grudge match between Xavier and Ryder. They are going to fight for me: inside the ring in a charity match, and outside it—where they both plan to seduce the pants off me. But I have a surprise for them too.

A week in a luxurious resort where your every sexual fantasy can become reality. Two super sexy alpha male MMA fighters vying for your heart. The freedom to indulge in both of them sexually. Separately. And one night of intense erotic pleasure as both men indulge your fantasy for a threesome. Whatever is a girl to do?

What may sound like a perfect dilemma for most is actually one of the more stressful situations Tessa has ever faced. Having to choose between her husband Ryder (they've been separated for a year) and Xavier, the man she has known just as long and who she had been dating for 3 months, is much harder than she expected as she loves both men, but in different ways. While the sexual liaisons Tessa finds herself in are quite enviable, especially the super-hot ménage scene, the emotional turmoil she faces is not.

But don't let me lull you into a false sense of pure hedonistic reading enjoyment as there is much more to Fight for Me than that. There is an unexpected twist that I never saw coming that puts a romantic suspense twist on the story that kept me glued to my Kindle. I haven't read any of the other Eden books, but I will have to remedy that as the island setting is mysterious and intriguing all on its own, and I want to learn more about The Master. Ms. Page has definitely peeked my interest in her writing and in Eden. Thank you for the invitation.


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