08 August 2014

Forever In Love by Nadia Lee

 Catherine Fairchild fakes being perfect by keeping everyone at arm's length. But her billionaire CEO husband's bigamy shatters the illusory life she's built, and vengeful in-laws want to send her to jail for embezzling from the failing family business. Desperate, she accepts an offer from a powerful friend: help him reconcile with his illegitimate son in return for protection. How hard can it be to dazzle a small town guy?

Small town bar owner Blaine Davis has zero interest in claiming his fifty million dollar trust fund or joining the family of a father he barely knows. He can never forgive his womanizing father for seducing his mother or forget the cruelty his father's high-society wife inflicted on them. Catherine comes from the same rich and entitled background, but he starts to fall for her anyway. Can their fragile bond survive when the true reason for her presence in his idyllic little town is revealed and Blaine's old wounds are re-opened?

I personally love books where you can follow along as the characters grow and change into a better person. Or even more than that, when you get the chance to actually get to know the characters for who they are, and not who you think they are.  That was the case with Catherine for me during this series.
She is portrayed as a money hungry woman who doesn’t care who she hurts in order to get what she wants.  And while that might be true to an extent, it was amazing to be able to watch her in this book become a better woman and realize that there is nothing wrong with her.  She is by far the strongest female character that I have read in a very long time.
I have to give Blaine mad props for his part in the story because he was the one who was able to show Catherine that she is worth more than she thought she was.  He was able to push her to be who she wanted to be, and didn’t take no for an answer.
While this was a romance story, I personally feel as though it was more of a book that shows the strength of a woman, and all that she can accomplish when she has her friends and family by her side. I would completely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great new read.


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