24 August 2014

Savage Chains: Shattered (#3) by Caris Roane

 Faced with the scars of his brutal past, Reyes must find a way to complete his mission and defeat an old enemy while keeping Angelica safe. Bringing down the slavery ring is a personal quest for him—even if it requires intense brutality and bloodshed—something he hopes Angelica will understand and accept. But will his search for vengeance cost him the one woman he's ever truly loved?

Wow what a wild ride this series was.  I think I have forgotten to mention that each book is rather short so it didn’t take long to read all three books in one sitting.  With that said, I am amazed at the amount of intense drama she packed in each book though.  I finished this one and had to just sit and catch my breath. 
We begin in the final book of the series that Angelica and Reyes had to decide if he would allow her to dominate him for the Scorpion.  It was clear this was a trap but they didn’t really have any other choice if they were going to go ahead with the plan.  All hell breaks loose for them as the evil intentions of the Scorpion and Engle’s unfold.  They both wanted to tear the duo apart and use them for their own individual desires.  With Angelica’s power to revisit visions, she can see what is going on and guide Reyes on his mission, but this could be the one time she is too late.
What happens next is a whirlwind of drama and suspense and just when you think that they will get a semi happy ending, being free but not together, the author twists the plot and a whole new conclusion happens.  I will admit she took what I predicted and made it better than I could have even imagined.  I had moments that I was holding my breath without realizing it, then feeling the tears form as I watch their worlds clash. 
What I loved about all three books in this series was how courageous Angelica was, even in the face of death, her love for Reyes determined her every move.  With her love Reyes was free to take the gifts he had been given yet refused all of his life and use them to save their lives.  They became a force to be reckoned with during the whole series, even when they were the underdogs and you saw no way for them to pull it off, where one lacked the other stood up and brought it. 
I am already searching for more books by this author; she won me over with this series.  

I believe this is the conclusion of the Savage Chains series, although it is written in a way that the author can easily add more to the story, and it is a great conclusion to Reyes and Angelica's story. Scorpion's identity was revealed in the previous book and Angelica and Reyes must decide just how far they are willing to go to take down the Starlin group. And they find themselves in a deadly situation more than once this time around.

Despite all that is going wrong around them, their relationship continues to develop and strengthen. This adds to the level of trust they have for one another, which adds to their ability to communicate telepathically. It also increases the level of passion when they are intimate, both in public and in private. Because this installment builds on books one and two, there’s not a whole lot more I can say that won’t spoil the read for those who haven’t yet made it to this point.

Shattered is a great addition to the Savage Chains series and an excellent conclusion to Reyes and Angelica's story. Fans of the series will appreciate the way in which the author brings the situation with the slavery ring to resolution. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and look forward to reading more of Ms. Roane's writing.


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