04 September 2014

Blood Bound & Beautiful by Kierstin Cherry

 Returning to reclaim her vampyric kingdom, the exiled queen Vladja is determined to defeat her usurper brother, Decai, and his unliving forces at any cost. Before she can claim sovereignty, Vladja must first solve the dark riddle of the Throne of Bone. When the riddle demands she forsake and betray her human lover, a Lady who wields the hand of a god, Vladja is torn between duty and desire.

The more she tries to stay away from the Lady Grace, the more she wants her. With their passions flaring out of control and Decai's forces bearing down upon them, Vladja and her Lady embark on a desperate plan to unleash their passions upon the Throne and break its power once and for all. But will their love and lust prove strong enough to defeat the ancient dark magics or will the Throne of Bone consume them with the deadly power of the Marrowing?

Wow! That is pretty much all I can say about this book.  This was the first book I had read in the f/f genre and I was very impressed.  The world building was amazing!  I loved how the author combined vampires, gargoyles, gods and goddesses, ancient curses and medieval humans into one cohesive world.  The two couples that made up the main characters were both very intriguing and you were pulling for them throughout the whole novel.

I saw the main theme of this novel to be how sometimes we can pay for our ancestors’ mistakes or selfishness. The characters seemed to be bound by rules and consequences that had nothing to do with how they had lived their own lives.  The resolution was not rushed and the book had a very satisfying ending. 

I was reluctant at first to read books in the f/f genre but this book and author has made me curious to see what other gems are out there waiting for me to discover them.  If you are a fan of paranormal and fantasy books then this is a book you will enjoy.er gems are out there waiting for me to discover them.  thor has made me curious to see what other gems lie


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