04 September 2014

Dream for Me by Becky Black

 In a society awake for twenty-four hours a day a man who sleeps is a freak. But not to neurobiologist Shay Mistry. Jacob Garcia, the last known sleeper in America, is the test subject whose brain Shay has been dying to get his hands on for years. When they meet, Shay discovers the sleeper’s brain comes accompanied by a gorgeous body and a hostile attitude. As Jacob sleeps night after night in his lab it’s harder and harder for Shay to resist their mutual attraction.

Jacob is tired of being a lab rat, but he’s got his reasons to be in Shay’s lab—one of them he’s not going to tell anyone about—and his plan is to do what he came to do and leave. So falling in love with Shay is like adding a hand grenade to all the other balls he’s juggling. He doesn’t need this added complication, but his desire for Shay is too strong to resist. When Jacob’s secret comes out it triggers a chain of events leaving Shay irrevocably changed and forcing Jacob to choose where his loyalties lie.

This is a very interesting book to review in that it sits outside of the norm of so many genres.  This is a m/m dystopian novel with a little sci-fi thrown in for fun.  Ms. Black has created a new version of Earth where over 90% of humans no longer sleep.  This was such an interesting book to read because something we take for granted, the simple ability to sleep, is considered a disability.  If you have to sleep you are less productive and therefore considered less desirable as a member of the work force.

We get to meet Jacob Garcia one of the last known sleepers in the world and Dr. Shay Mistry, the doctor who is conducting a sleep study on him.  These two characters are so believable and I loved them both from the beginning. The two of them characterize so perfectly the pinnacle of their respective DNA groups.  Dr. Mistry is a genius scientist and Jacob, considered to be one of the last of his kind, a sideshow freak. We get to see the two extremes of the human psyche.

While I loved the characters and the plot was very interesting it seemed to fall flat in the middle. It did pick up at the end and lead me on some quite interesting twists and turns so overall I was quite satisfied with this book. 


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