24 September 2014

Dark Nights and Headlights by Bailey Bradford

 A familiar road can still be full of surprises.

Joe Jacek loves his life for the most part. All he ever wanted to do was be a rancher, and that’s what he’s doing. He feels bad that his father didn’t leave the ranch to him and his brother Trent both, but Joe would never short his brother out of his inheritance. Lucky for them, they’re close brothers. They like to hang out in the evenings, get stupid then get on with work the next day.

But it can be a lonely life. While Trent is a great brother, he can’t be everything for Joe, and vice versa. Joe would like to get laid sometimes, and living where he does, that’s a rare occurrence. So he drinks and does a little something else now and then. It’s all good—he’s just relaxing.

He knows the road between his house and Trent’s trailer like he knows his own soul. Turning off the headlights one night just to make the drive more exciting isn’t a big deal.

Until a werewolf jumps on his truck. Then the rules for everything change.

Reader Advisory: This books contains BDSM and references to past physical abuse and assault.

I enjoyed this book for the simple fact of how different is it than most shifter books out there.  I am a fan of Ms. Bradford’s other works out there, but this one was just awesome because of how much it stands out from all of them.
This book certainly had Ms. Bradford’s normal style of writing; the characters were very well crafted, the storyline was one that I enjoyed quite a bit, and there was tons of suspense that kept me interested and turning the pages.  I really think that Ms. Bradford has a great skill when it comes to writing a story that will not only grasp your attention, but also keep you thinking about it long after you finish the story.
Another thing that I enjoyed about this book is how strong the characters were, especially Diego.  Even though at times it seemed as though he wasn’t strong, as you read through the story, you realized just what he had to deal with and how he was able to overcome it all.  To me personally, that was part of what made the story so great.
This is not your typical shape-shifter story, and once you start reading you will completely understand what that means.  There is no insta-love that takes place, we are able to follow along with Diego and Joe as they discover what it’s like to be in a relationship, and find out if they will be able to work it out together.


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