27 September 2014

Hunted by Elizabeth Heiter

 Terror stalks a small Virginia town.

FBI rising star, criminal profiler Evelyn Baine, knows how to think like a serial killer. But she's never chased anyone like the Bakersville Burier, who hunts young women and displays them, half-buried, deep in the woods. As the body count climbs, Evelyn's relentless pursuit of the killer puts her career - and her life - at risk. And the evil lurking in the Burier's mind may be more than even she can unravel.

Terror is closer than she thinks.

The Bakersville Burier knows he's got an FBI profiler on his trail. He knows who she is and where to find her. And he's biding his time, because he's planned a special punishment for Evelyn. She may have tracked other killers, but he vows to make this her last chase. This time it's her turn to be hunted!
I’m a big fan of the TV shows Criminal Minds and Hannibal so when I was looking for a new book series to read during my TV watching hiatus I went searching for something with that same crime, thriller, and suspense theme. I came across Hunted the debut book for a new profiler series. This book is a page-turner with built up tension that will leave you gasping and squirming in your seat.

After a harrowing experience during her childhood Evelyn Baine decides she wants to be a criminal profiler and she’s driven in making that goal happen. She becomes absorbed in the world of criminal profiling, reading book after book and case after case, familiarizing herself with the nuances of profiling until she finally makes it into the FBI ‘s Behavioral Analysis Unit where she establishes herself as a rising star and quality criminal profiler. Evelyn is tough and good at what she does but her gender and petite frame make her the object of derision sometimes amongst her colleagues so she works twice as hard at proving herself and spends the majority of her time focusing on the job.

 She has trained herself to think like a serial killer, to understand what motivates them and what steps they will take next but all her training doesn’t prepare her for the Bakersville Burier. This serial killer isn’t like any of the past criminals Evelyn has profiled. The Bakersville Burier knows the FBI is on his trail and he’s watching them. He plans on turning the tables on the profiler trying to catch him. She will become the one hunted and he will let her experience firsthand what he does to his victims.

Elizabeth Heiter really knows how to wrap readers up in the world of serial killers and profiling. Not only does she grip you with a thrilling criminal story and welcome you into Evelyn’s personal life, she explains in detail how the world of Behavioral Analysts profiling works. It was thrilling as well as interesting to become completely immersed as a reader in the psychology of the crimes. I was on the edge of my seat sometimes yelling out at my book for Evelyn to watch out. The descriptions of the crime scenes were creepy and fascinating. There are many twists and turns in the story and even a bit of side romance. My only complaint was that the book had to come to end. I wanted more and I can’t wait for the next book, Vanished to come out.


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