16 September 2014

Ill Met in Tanivar by Reyna Todd

 When his old flame Asamir comes knocking with a new job, Sinjin knows that the wisest recourse is a slammed door and a hasty retreat to the other side of the kingdom. But then the former djinni says the magic words--anything you want--and how can Sinjin say no when all he has ever wanted is the elusive Asamir?

All things worth having come at a price. For Asamir's job, Sinjin crashes a Duke's fête, blows more guys than he can count, befriends a eunuch, and ends up drugged, manacled, and sold into slavery to torture cultists bent on world domination.

It's a rough night, even for an elf with a yen for perversion. It will take a quick wit and an agile tongue if Sinjin hopes to get himself and Asamir through this job alive, but if he succeeds, he'll have earned the gratitude of a Queen, the wrath of gods...

And from Asamir, anything he wants.

After I initially finished reading this book, it was a 4 star read for me.  The reasons why are even though the story was an interesting one, I felt insanely confused about the relationship between the two main characters, Sinjin and Asamir, and I felt like the reason why that was was because I had not read other books about them before starting this one.  However, once I found out that this was the first book about them that is what dropped the rating down to a 3 star.
Like I mentioned, I did enjoy the premise of the story, it was one that caught my attention and kept me drawn in and wanting to know more. I just wish that there would have been a lot more backstory between Sinjin and Asamir because there were mentions to what had happened to them in the past, but there wasn’t anything else given.
I will say that I would read the next book in the series because it would be interesting to see where things go.


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