13 September 2014

Klub Kids by Johnny Williams

 In one fall/winter season in the clubs of NYC, a lost soul parties with friends while looking for gay love. "Do you think that punk's dick hair is blue too?" Packed with humor, candor and sex, Klub Kids takes readers on a ride as they join Johnny Williams and his friends on their clubbing quests to find love and the music to dance and dance and dance their butts off in this fictionalized fun read.

I have a hard time writing this review because I did not dislike the book I just thought it could have been much better.

My favorite part of this book are the characters they are all hilarious and while there are some heavy topics such as gay bashing and drug use discussed it is couched by sarcasm and slapstick to keep it light.  I loved Johnny he is an overly romantic and semi-clueless gay party boy.  He wants a serious and committed relationship and yet the only places he looks for said relationship are parties, night clubs and bars.  Can anyone else see a problem with this? 

What I disliked about this book was the seemingly unending supply of meaningless encounters.  There is one entire character that does not even have to be part of the story and it would be fine.  It seems like this book desperately needed a good editor to trim out some of the excess.  While the extra scenes helped the reader see more into Johnny’s soul I don’t think he quite needed to fall that far before he finally realized the treasure right in front of him the whole time.

Overall while this story has a very good message and encourages you to look deeper into both yourself and any potential relationships I believe this message could have been delivered in much fewer words.

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  1. I have just discovered your review site by chance as I saw you were reviewing one of my favourite debut books, Klub Kids by Johnny Williams. I was quite surprised by your review as I found it a definite 5* read. This is not a standard m/m romance, but the story of the lives of a group of young gay men in New York. Love and relationships are a major theme because they are a major theme in life especially in the lives of the young. The humour in the book is wonderful and I laughed out loud often but it is important to see the sadness behind the humour. These are young men who use the anonymity of club land and humour to run from loneliness and protect their souls. Klub Kids is part of a trilogy and the second part takes up where Klub Kids left off. My heart ached for Johnny in this book and for all young people looking for their forever in big cities.

    My original review was at www.prismbookalliance.com so you can see I am sincere about my comments here. Good Luck with your blog .