05 September 2014

Power Play by Mallery Malone

Raphael Jerroult a.k.a. the Crescent City Casanova, has fought his whole life—both in and out of the boxing ring. Watching his father suffer for years after his mother’s death, he’s resolved to envelop himself in a shell made of money, MMA matches, and a different woman every day. But when an old flame, and the only woman he’s ever truly let in, comes back in his life, Raphael can’t stop being distracted by the red-headed beauty with the curves that go on for days…

Macy Lovelace has no desire to start things up again with Raphael. Memories of the sweetest torture she’s ever known can’t make her forget that he’s not cut out for long-term love. But Macy’s the only girl who Raphael ever let in, the only girl who really knows his sexy, dangerous side. And with the Crescent City Casanova, the only way to keep up, is to be tied down…

When we meet Raphael and Macy in Knock Out we had no idea they were acquainted with one another. However, when Power Play opens at Sebastian and Renata's party we learn that they had an extensive history together that went back to their childhood. As you read their story you learn that their relationship fell victim to a confluence of unfortunate events and really, REALLY bad timing.

I think that what strikes me most about Raphael's character is that he is easily able to admit to himself that he loves Macy and always has. While this self-awareness is novel among such testosterone-filled alpha male characters, it does not mean that he's quick to tell Macy and that's because he worries that he's not good enough - silly man. As for Macy, well she's a red-head, and really do I need to say more than that? She is as feisty, passionate and independent as you would expect and she loves Raffie - always has and always will, whether she wants to or not. Because of their history and their personalities, the sex scenes are scorchingly hot.

Power Play is the second novella in the series and it was a great read. I think I enjoyed Raphael and Macy's story even more than Sebastian and Renata's. That said, I am really looking forward to reading Gabriel's story next. 


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