14 September 2014

Scars on His Heart by Jaime Samms

 After a disastrous five years away at college, Joe returns to his aunt's farm and finds his childhood sweetheart Cameron eager to rekindle their relationship. Joe has a hard time confessing that he didn't come home until now because he's only just managed to leave Andre, his controlling boyfriend, and has a harder time renewing his submissive role in his affair with Cam. Cam thinks he has to find a way to remind Joe how to be strong. But what Cam doesn't realize is that Joe is strong, strong enough to leave behind a life of shame—though he's terrified his past will catch up to him. Joe must confront his ex and take back his own life, on his own terms, before he's able to give Cam everything they both desire.

This book contains discussions of the BDSM lifestyle and bondage play. 

I felt so sorry for the main characters in this book.  They had to go through so much pain and anguish to get their HEA and at times it was difficult to watch the scenes play out.  I loved that Ms. Samms chose to have the POV switch between her two main characters because I believe it helped the reader to bond with both Joe and Cam and understand their emotional turmoil. 

Sometimes the hardest part of finding love is not seeking your partner but healing yourself enough to be ready for them and this book is a perfect example of that.  These two men were hurting for different reasons and had to heal as a couple and individually in order to truly have a chance together. 

This story exemplified the thought that no matter what you have done or the choices you have made you will always be loved and accepted at home.  It is a truly sweet and heartwarming sentiment and after reading so many stories of broken families and abuse it was refreshing to read about this tight-knit while albeit unconventional family.


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