15 September 2014

The Fall by Deborah Greenspan

2128: The world we know is dead. Billions of people are gone, and the Earth is barely habitable. The descendants of the rich and powerful cling to life in habitats beneath the ground. In the closed confines of these buried communities, their scientists work desperately to restore the biosphere, in the hope that one day their people will escape the prisons that had been created for them.
Evie and Garrett, the most brilliant and devoted of these scientists, volunteer to leave the East USA habitat and trek across the land Outside on a mission of mercy to Southeast USA. While Outside, they discover that, despite what those living in the habitats think, others have also survived the catastrophes of the late 21st century.
Meanwhile, John Morgan, a man born to power in the wrong time and the wrong place, looks for a way to win even if it means mass murder and the complete and utter ruination of Earth. Will Evie and Garret be able to stop him? Or is there another way?

Wow this was a depressing book.  I knew this book was a post-apocalyptic book with a last ditch effort plot but I did not expect the plight of Ms. Greenspan’s characters to be so bleak.  Ms. Greenspan gives humanity a complete reboot in her world and allows the completely scientific to rule and develop a new society in hopes to fix the damage their ancestors created.  However, not even the scientists were immune to the draw of power and after almost a hundred years of dedicated scientific research one man decides the Earth is no longer a cause worthy or their time and intellect.

This story reminds me so much of the story of Pandora ’s Box and how she released all the evil into the world but was able to keep hope.  Life is again thrown in to utter despair and the hope to thwart evil is reliant upon Garret and Evie, two New Scientists dedicated to saving the Earth.  I thought it very telling how the female protagonist of this story is named Evie.  It is reminiscent of the original Eve who is said to have introduced evil into the world.  While Eve may have committed Original Sin, Evie is charged with saving human life. 


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