01 September 2014

The Billionaire's Counterfeit Girlfriend by Nadia Lee

 He's never met a woman he wants to spend his life with...

The man: Billionaire playboy Mark Pryce.

The problem: A "real" date for his family's Fourth of July party...or he'll have to attend with the heiress his mother's picked out for him to marry.

The woman: His best friend's executive assistant, Hilary Rosenberg--the only one who can save him from this fate worse than death.

...she is convinced good men are a thing of the past.

Disillusioned by a series of painful relationships, Hilary has no interest in dating Mark--even as a pretense--for the next four weeks. He's too sexy, too smart, altogether too attractive--and a sure bet to break her heart. But she owes him a favor, and she always pays her debts.

When their charade threatens to turn into a happily ever after, can a reformed playboy convince his wary Cinderella that fairy tale endings really can come true?

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this book once I got into it.  I was a bit worried that it would be slightly boring, but I can say that Ms. Lee was able to keep my attention going while reading and I didn’t want the story to end!
I do believe that part of that has to do with the characters that she created with this book.  Granted, if you have read her other series, Hearts on the Line, then you have met some of the characters, but if you haven’t then you can still start with this one with no problems.  I did like how the characters from the other series didn’t overtake this book. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the little updates that we were given about them, but the story was focused on Pryce’s which I loved.
Now the characters that I loved, the number one would actually have been Mark’s mother.  She had the “evil scorned woman” attitude down pat and I just couldn’t get over how easy it was to not like her, but at the same time, I couldn’t get enough of her. She was so sneaky with what she did; it ended up adding to the story a lot.  I also enjoyed some of the other secondary characters. They added a lot to the story and just made it that much more fun to read it.
I enjoyed how Hilary was a normal girl.  She was working hard for what she wanted, and was willing to do almost anything to show that she was not like her mother.  She stood up for herself when she needed too, but was also willing to accept help when she needed it as well.
I do have to say that Mark completely caught me off guard.  I wasn’t quite expecting to like him as much as I did, but come the end of the book, I wanted to know more!
The overall plot of the story was great as well. It wasn’t your typical romance, there were twists and turns that happened that kept me turning the page and wanting to know more.
I would really recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great romance to read!


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