28 September 2014

Their Temporary Sub by Mardi Maxwell

 Twins, Luc and Logan Ramsey, are Doms. They run Club Mystique, the BDSM club they co-own with their three brothers. They agreed to remain single until age thirty-two. When they meet secretive Cassandra "Cassie" Edwards, Logan decides she's the woman for them, but Luc decides she has too many secrets and refuses to get involved with her. Cassie blames herself for her father's death and has protected the people she loves by distancing herself from them, until she meets Luc and Logan. Tempted by Logan, who pursues her at every turn, and intrigued by Luc who wants her but keeps his distance, Cassie has to decide if she can be their temporary sub without endangering them. All bets are off when Luc and Logan discover the secrets she's been keeping and decide to protect her from the men who abused her and killed her father.

Out of the three books in this series that I have read, this one is my favorite.  I loved the human dynamics between Cassie, Luc and Logan and the drama and suspense was even higher in this book.  I had times I cried for Cassie and wanted to shoot Luc and Logan, along with the other men in this series and then those twins would turn around and I found I was fighting just as hard as Cassie was to not forgive them.  Those two men were hard to be mad at for very long.
From the synopsis you can tell Cassie didn’t have an easy road in life.  What you don’t know is that she is one strong, kick butt woman who knows how to defend herself.  She put those twins, Luc and Logan through hell before she allowed them in her heart.  With the guilt she felt over the deaths of her father and other family members she shut herself off from people.  The secrets she carried were weighing heavy on her already but when the memories started coming back she fought between her sanity and doing what she needed to do so the evil would be brought to justice.  This is where Luc and Logan enter the picture with the Dom mentality of conquering the world and the woman they want, they were sure they were just what Cassie needed.  If Cassie gives in and becomes their sub will they allow her to still pursue the men who raped and tortured her and killed her family or will they expect her to give that mission over to them as she stays in the kitchen wearing a dress, no underwear and baking cookies. 
The twins are proficient in hunting down the bad guys and protecting their women.  With a military background and a dominant attitude there is no monster that can’t be killed, but what do they do with the woman they love who is also trained to take down the monsters…..unless she is curled up in a fetal position having a panic attack from the sudden flashbacks.  They are going to have to find a balance with this woman, one that will allow them to protect her yet build the trust in her so they can take care of her when she breaks.  As far as the Dom/Sub relationship this was also going to be tricky.  Her hard limits are long and include the basics of restraints and blindfolds.  Vowing to find the men who hurt her and destroyed her sexual freedom they also decided to bring her back to life.  They wanted her to find peace and freedom, even medicine and therapy hadn’t been able to make a dent in her walls, but they were sure their love and affection could. 
The author did a wonderful job with balancing the personalities of all three characters.  Logan and Luc were as different as night in day in the personality category.  What one didn’t have an ounce of the other carried the full dosage.  Logan was fun and witty, loving and expressive.  Luc was shut off, straight faced and serious.  Cassie was a great balance of both and easily flowed with the man she was with.  She found a way to adapt to her two men, keeping each of them just as they are and finding that she had what they both needed to blend into a very happy threesome.  Cassie’s story hooked me from the beginning.  I was stressing through most of the book wanting her to find her answers, for her wisdom and survival attitude to shine and show those men that a woman could defend herself.  I also loved those moments she crumbled into the men’s arms and just let them love her. 
I am in love with this series and I can hardly wait to read Zane’s story.  There is an underlying connection of suspense throughout this series bringing each book together and making it a great story.  Addison and Jenna are back to their crazy ways and I am finding I adore them more with each book, now they have added a few other women into their circle so the drama should only increase with Zane’s book.  
I was born in Utah but I’ve traveled throughout America and lived in sunny California, hot and dry west Texas, and the mountains of Colorado. I wrote my first erotic romance in the summer of 2013. It was accepted and published that same year. Since then I’ve written three more books in the Doms of Club Mystique series. At this time I’m busy writing the fifth and final book in the series. My heroes are tough cowboys with military backgrounds and my heroines are strong, sassy and submissive. I like my readers to laugh, and cry, so I put a lot of emotion in my books as well as suspense and happy endings.  

Other than writing, I love to read, travel, garden, swim with my family, and go to the local drive-in movie with a carload of friends and a huge container of home-made cheese popcorn.


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