03 September 2014

You Own Me by Shiloh Walker

 It had always been her…

Ten years had passed since the doors slammed shut behind Decker Calhoun, taking away his freedom, but more importantly, locking him away from Elizabeth Waters, the only woman he’d ever loved—the woman he’d given up everything for.

The day he was sentenced, he’d looked at her and said, No regrets, Lizzie. But he lied, because he did have one. Although he’s been out of jail for three years now, he was a year too late. Lizzie never knew how he felt and just months before he was released, she found somebody else and it’s too late.

Or maybe not. It seems that Lizzie’s boyfriend wants an open relationship and two can play at that game. Now all Decker has to do is convince Lizzie that he’s the better man…and has been all along.

I LOVED IT. Love, love, loved it!!! You Own Me is one of those books that has that “thing” that makes me love it so much that I can’t really explain it. It’s just how it makes me feel.

Decker has loved Lizzie for years – pretty much since they met in high school. But he kept his feelings to himself because he didn’t feel like he deserved her, didn’t feel like he was good enough for her. However, he couldn’t imagine her not being a part of his life, so he was resolved to be her friend. Unfortunately an incident occurred that resulted in Decker going to prison for murder and while the characters don’t discuss the actual incident until the end of the book, you’ll likely figure out why and understand why Lizzie feels safe around a man that apparently intimidates most everyone else. I fell in love with Decker. He’s obviously sexy, but it is his love for Lizzie that makes me want to find my own Decker. Lizzie is so sweet and caring … almost too caring because it’s why she has put up with Noel for far too long and goes so far as to entertain his suggestion for an open relationship. She wants so badly to “belong” to someone that she sells herself short. Thankfully her friend Selah cajoles her into exploring the open relationship and she finds herself falling for a man online that whose every word seems to speak directly to her heart … um, and other parts of her anatomy. Oleander can certainly write some messages that are both romantic and sexy. But when an incident occurs between Joel and Lizzie that causes Decker to step in and protect her, he finds he’s no longer able to hide his feelings. And can I just say, holy desk sex!!! Freaking heck that was a HOT scene.

But anything beyond friendship between Decker and Lizzie has never been easy to obtain and I found myself on pins and needles until the end of the book wondering if Decker was going to be able to get Lizzie to see him as more than just her friend. I was beside myself with glee when Decker crashed her date with Oleander and made a HUGE romantic gesture to prove to her how much he loved her. It was soooooooooo good and sent my heart to fluttering. I have read and enjoyed Ms. Walker’s romantic suspense books from her Secrets & Shadows series so I knew she was a very talented writer. But the romantic in me may have just caused You Own Me to surpass all of her other works to claim its spot as my favorite Shiloh Walker book yet. 


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