28 October 2014

A Lion in Tails by Andrew Grey

 Larry Kincaid isn't ready to be a parent, but when his sister dies in an accident, he takes his nephew, Angus, into his home. The change throws Larry's life into limbo until he meets Joshua Langdon.

To Joshua, Larry is a lion: growly and strong, but too proud to ask for help. Joshua gets past his defenses and finds a place in Larry and Angus's family, but Larry's pride gets in the way. Can they turn their holiday romance into a relationship that lasts into the New Year?
I was really interested in this book because I have read others by the author in the past, but not this one.  So when the opportunity to do an audio review for it arose, I quickly jumped on the chance to do so.

I thought the story was a good one, it felt rushed at times, but it was still an enjoyable story for me personally. I would more classify this as a rainy day read; one that you read while under a blanket on a cold rainy day.  I think that Mr. Grey did a good job with the story and keeping it interesting without adding a lot of extra details in it.  The story did flow easily and was just one that I did like.

While I enjoyed the story itself, I felt as though the narrator wasn’t the right fit for the book.  There were several times when I debated just turning off the audio because I just couldn’t seem to get into his reading of the story.  I will be giving audio’s another shot in the future, but I don’t feel as though this narrator is one that I will listen to again.

If I was just rating solely on the book, this would be a solid 4 star book for me.  However, taking the narrator into consideration, it is a 3 star overall.


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