13 October 2014

A Taste of Honey Spotlight!

In the mood to try something sweet? How about a collection of stories about bears and the special men in their lives? Guys don’t have to be in their twenties, perfectly sculpted, and hairless to be hot. Bears are real men with real bodies—and that doesn’t always mean a perfect six-pack or an immaculately smooth chest. With bears, it can mean more man to love. The men in this anthology are chubs, cubs, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears, and more—all looking for a connection. And beneath their burly physiques are hearts of gold. Explore the bear scene and beyond with these big, hairy guys and the men who find them irresistibly sexy.

This was a very interesting mix of stories.  Some were the erotic stories of bears finding each other and falling in love, which I was expecting and others were sweet and wonderfully charming.  I was expecting a collection of erotic bear stories and what I got was a smorgasbord of stories all featuring the bear characters I love. 

I every story in this anthology at least one bear is featured and while many times the bears are proud of their bodies and who they are, other times it takes a bear chaser or another bear to allow them to truly appreciate themselves for the loveable men they are.  All of my favorite stories in this anthology managed to have characters I immediately connected with and a plot that was simple and while short it managed to end satisfyingly.  I found it very interesting how some of the authors left clues or foreshadowing to give the reader a sense of how the characters would continue to grow in their relationship.

I was a little surprised by the sheer variety the authors managed while sticking to a theme.  I didn’t realize how fun it would be to follow these bears through all walks of life and in all age groups as well.  Overall these stories showcased men in all walks and times in life.  Through the insecurities, tribulations, triumphs and relationships we are able to savor the diversity of the male gender.

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