08 October 2014

Falls Chance Ranch by Rolf and Ranger

 Are you worried about your executive?

Is he burned out?
Less than stellar?

Is he an excellent employee that you don’t want to lose?

If the answer to those questions is an unqualified yes!,
then you need to think about sending him to
Falls Chance Ranch.

In a matter of weeks or months, we’ll turn around your executive and return him to you fit and ready to pick up the reins again.

Falls Chance is a working sheep ranch deep in the heartland of Wyoming. Your executives will be put to work on the ranch
while we retrain bad habits into good ones.

Executives will remain on the ranch
until we’re assured that they’re safe to return to their jobs.
The average stay is eight weeks
but can run shorter or longer depending upon the person.

Our program is completely confidential
and has a highly proven track record.

Our graduates are in many of the top companies around the globe.

Word Count: approx. 205,459

I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to describe how much I love Falls Chance Ranch and the entire series. Take one stressed-out exec, so out of it that he has begun to hallucinate at work, and send him to Wyoming to a working ranch where the four men there are supposed to help him learn to cope. Dale’s a bit incredulous and not too happy about being sent away from his job at first. And who can blame him? I’ve lived in Wyoming – it’s nothing to write home about.
But things change quickly for the man as he finds a strange undercurrent in this well-run ranch. There’s a strength to the men there he has never felt anywhere else, let alone the care they show one another and him. Added to the fray, he finds out they will give him corporal punishment if he disobeys one of their rules. One day he finds himself on the painful side of a leather crop and is shocked to not only receive the few swats, but incredulous to find out how much it calmed him. So much so, that before he even knew what was going on, he basically pushed for another one.
Dale slowly unwinds in this place where he can be himself. He doesn’t have to put on airs, or try to fix anything. That’s the job of Flynn, Jasper, and Paul. The other man, Riley, is more like him and he finds a friendship unlike anything he’s ever felt before. This friendship blossoms as do the ones he has with the other men. Until the day he realizes he’s actually in love with Flynn, the man more likely to spank him out of the bunch.
When it comes time for him to return to his old life, they give him an offer: Stay with them and become a member of their relationship or return to his old life. Completely his choice. But is there a choice when for the first time in his life, he’s found something worth staying for?
This is such a moving story and while it is over 200k words long, it’s worth every word. Every. Single. One. Are there typos? Yes. There are also some English/American word differentiations you may come across. But it is simply the most amazing bunch of books I’ve ever read. It isn’t erotic, but it is about loving discipline in a polyamorous relationship. I turned Crystal onto it and I think I could hear her cursing my name because once you start, you can’t stop. I had the thing read in a little over a day and it only took me that long because I had to sleep. There are multiple other books – some as long as FCR, some short vignettes into the lives of others who have lived on the ranch.
For it isn’t just Flynn, Jasper, Paul, Riley, and Dale you will fall in love with. You will feel an innate kinship with every man who has ever lived there. I, for one, would love to have a Phillip in my life. Or a Flynn or a Jasper.
Who’s created the portal that will take a person into the lives of a novel? This is one book I would love to visit. They may all be gay. Surely they must know some heterosexual top for me *wink*.
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