16 October 2014

Loving Jay by Renae Kaye

 One thing Liam Turner knows for sure is that he's not gay—after all, his father makes it very clear he’ll allow no son of his to be gay. And Liam believes it, until a chance meeting with James “Jay” Bell turns Liam’s world upside-down. Jay is vivacious and unabashedly gay—from the tips of his bleached hair to the ends of his polished nails. With a flair for fashion, overreaction, and an inability to cork his verbal diarrhea, Liam believes drama queen Jay must have a screw loose.

An accident as a teenager left Liam with a limp and a fear of driving. He can’t play football anymore either, and that makes him feel like less of a man. But that’s no reason to question his sexuality... unless the accident broke something else inside him. When being with Jay causes Liam’s protective instincts to emerge, Liam starts to believe all he knew in life had been a convenient excuse to stay hidden. From intolerance to confrontations, Liam must learn to overcome his fears—and his father—before he can accept his sexuality and truly love Jay.

This book had me laughing out loud the entire way through. Yes the book is a true romance, but that is what makes it so good! The whole story is told from Liam's POV and he is the "straight" guy in the relationship. Usually we only read books from the less alpha-type character's POV.

Both of these characters are flawed whether that may be by society's standards or merely their own, and that makes this such an amazing read. In my opinion there is plenty of drama in this book so it is not just a happy love story, nor is the angst overpowering to the story. This book has a true balance that I found  refreshing and I am very anxious to read more titles from this author!

Great job Ms. Kaye and keep the stories coming!


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