16 October 2014

Club De Fleurs: Jenna by Rose Nickol

 When Jenna Crane meant Kyle Masters she thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Kyle fell in love with Jenna at first sight. After a Jenna was almost hurt in his club and then kidnapped, could Kyle ever keep Jenna safe, or would the best thing be to let her go and spend his life being miserable? Would Kyle's self doubts keep these two apart? Jenna knew she couldn't live without Kyle, but how to convince him of that? With the help of their friends would these two ever get back together?

I would have happily given this a five star rating but I had one continuous issue with the book which I will get into later.  Right now I want to talk about Jenna and Kyle and how fabulous I thought they were.  They started out being set up on a date by Jenna’s best friend.  Having a vanilla cuddle relationship Kyle decided it was time to take Jenna to the Club de Fleurs where he is a Dom.  Slowly introducing Jenna to the BDSM lifestyle he shows her different scenes and ask what she would be willing to try and what should be avoided.  He teaches her the poses and punishment options as well as the rules he expects her to follow while in the club. 
So I mention this because not only is she going to be overwhelmed by all of that, he has other long term surprises in mind for them.  I really liked Jenna and how she handled this situation.  She was a nervous wreck even to the point of almost panic attacks but she knew in her heart this was something she wanted to try and learn not only for herself but for Kyle.  He was everything in a man she had dreamed of so she was dedicated to giving this her best shot.  I don’t think I have ever laughed during  a punishment before like I did for her first one.  China will never mean the same thing to me again, but this was a great example of how Jenna has decided to view life, go with it and see if you can make it work out for you. 
Kyle was a sexy thing, very alpha, clearly a well sought after Dom and a former military soldier.  He is now in the practice of protecting those he loves and countless others.  I thought he was well structured in how he taught Jenna and did it with understanding and love.  The author stressed a great deal about the safe and consensual rules in the life style and portrayed Kyle as a responsible Dom.  He did have one fault though, he knew what he wanted in regards to their future and he rushed it before she was ready. When danger came down on Jenna and she was injured and threatened, that was when Kyle decided that maybe he was the factor that was putting her in the line of fire.  Once again he took control of the situation not allowing Jenna to have a say in her own life.
 Now the reason I couldn’t give this five stars was it felt very rushed in the plot and yet the conversations were very repetitive. Kyle would repeat what he was saying over and over again and the same words were used throughout the book.   We glossed over the events that happened to her in a couple of paragraphs not allowing me to even feel the drama and emotions that the characters might have been feeling.  I think the character development was limited and I regret that because from what I was allowed to see each one in this book will be a dynamic addition to future books in the Club de Fleur series.  I would still recommend this book because the plot idea won me over and I loved Jenna and Kyle, but I really hope the author will give us the gift in the future of expanding the scenes and character development so we as the reader can fully invest in the story and be taken on the emotional roller coaster I know is there.  Even with the things that bothered me I can hardly wait to read more about this club and the people I met in this book. 


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