25 October 2014

Never Let Me Go Part 1 by Jessica Gibson

 One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. No strings. No complications.

Grace DeLeo didn’t do one night stands. She was a relationship girl through and through. All of that went out the window when she met Logan in a bar while he was in town on business.

Logan McFadden liked his no strings lifestyle. He loved his rules. Everything had a place, and there was no space for a relationship or feelings.

One night. That’s all it took to change things forever.

You are about to begin the story of Logan and Grace.  This story will take place through a series of books and will introduce you a circle of family and friends as you proceed.  For now though, I think Logan is all I need.  Being not only a successful business man he is also probably one of the most stubborn sexy men I have read about in a long time, that is until Grace gets under his skin and infects his heart with emotions. 
Logan really never had a childhood.  Being raised by nannies and other paid servants his sister was all he really had.  Now as a grown man running his own company, he looks back at his prior choices and has decided that love isn’t worth the risk.  Besides when you are that rich no woman wants him for his heart and soul, they want him for his bank account.  He has this crazy idea that he will never go after another woman, they will have to come to him and prove that they are worth his attention. 
Grace grew up in a completely different environment.  With two loving parents and three sisters that will fight anyone to protect each other, she used to view life as offering nothing but honesty and love, until she found out what betrayal was from her ex-boyfriend.  Now she isn’t sure she can deal with any relationship that would break her heart again.  She certainly will never allow herself to be involved with anyone that won’t be honest.  When she hears about Logan’s past, she feels her heart break for him, but then when she begins to ask questions she finds herself up against a brick wall because Logan isn’t so forth coming with all of his past.
The author did a wonderful job at bringing two broken people together for one night and giving us the reality of what it will take to merge their hearts.  Nothing is going to come easy when you have a woman who demands total transparency and honesty and a man who has secrets he carries that are not his to share.   Each part of the story will be brought to you in short story/novella form, giving you enough to love at that moment and wanting more at the end.  I think the author did a great job at taking such a small amount of words and pages to not only bring you into Logan and Grace’s story but to also allow you to become invested in the sisters and Logan’s friends lives as well.  Make sure you check out this author and series.  I think it will only get better as she goes because of the gradual build up in the story.  I have a feeling before it is done we will all be wishing we were part of Grace and Logan’s family.  


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