01 October 2014

One Wild Night by Vonna Harper

 On a hot summer night two loners slip into a Florida wildlife preserve. Neither wants more than to work off their separate sexual energy, but fate brings them together. The wilderness casts its primitive spell.
High powered CEO Riane Coello is desperate to break free of responsibility, to give herself to a masterful man. Despite his wealth, recently traded professional football player Klay Edelman knows the franchise considers him a possession. Dispensable.

But not tonight, not with this sexy, fierce, and yet submissive stranger. She wants to be taken, possessed. He will control her.

For one wild night.

Note: One Wild Night was previously released by another publisher.

One Wild Night is what I would consider a quick and sexy read.  The synopsis gives a clear understanding of the plot and while I was surprised at the amount of conversation that played between the two characters in such a short amount of time, the author didn’t disappoint with the sexual tension and passion that brews between them. 
I had the feeling that Riane was tired of the fast pace in life, she needed to find a place that she could just let go and not always be responsible.  Her life was lacking spontaneous action and free spirit was not allowed.  Even as she was jogging on the gravel road she was constantly putting a plan in motion as to how to protect herself and even her fantasies were structured and planned.  The woman needed to be controlled and allowed a mental vacation that would involve giving her body some sensual satisfaction.
Klay came across as a man who desired to control something in his life.  His career was in the hands of others who could determine where he went, how he acted and where he was going to make a home.  He had control over nothing in his life and while living under the glass dome of the media, even if he did have freedom to make a decision it wouldn’t be private.  Feeling like he could be bought and sold just like a slave, he needed to conquer this woman not only for his physical satisfaction, but for his male ego to recover.  The humiliation at knowing he was “sold” could only be reduced by knowing he could dominate this beautiful woman on the trail.
This is why I feel the Florida wildlife preserve was a great place to cast this story.  It freed each of them from the social expectations and scrutiny and gave power to their fantasy of switching roles in life.  I found that the author did a good job at letting us know what brought each of the characters to the place in life they were, but I don’t feel I was able to really get to know them. I like to become more invested in the story and I have found other books by this author that were also short reads and she gave me that investment.  Of course this book wasn’t meant to be one where we walk away feeling a huge connection to the people involved, it was meant more for a quick, sexy escape from reality, which ironically is what Riane and Klay were looking for as well.   I certainly recommend this to readers who want a couple of hours to escape reality and let your fantasies fly.  


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