30 October 2014

Regretfully Tour Stop!

How do you heal after everything has been ripped away from you?
Completely devastated and alone, Tristen cannot fathom life after losing Cami and his unborn child. He attempts to find normality in his broken world but everything seems wrong.
Aria is compelled to help Tristen and cannot escape the undeniable connection she feels for him, even though Cami was one of her closest friends. She tries to help him move forward by befriending him but quickly realizes that there is more.
Tristen and Aria are both struggling to deal with these confusing emotions. Can they find happiness even when they feel utterly broken?
For me to get emotional and cry in a book, that instantly puts the rating at a five.  The author had me broken hearted, shocked and dancing with joy at different times in this book.  She tugged at my heart strings and played with my emotions and I have to admit I loved every moment of it. 
I understand there is a book prior to this one and was told Regretfully could be read as a standalone and they were correct.  I wasn’t lost or felt like I was missing information at all.  I will say after experiencing the author’s style, I imagine reading the first book will only enhance this whole cast of characters and their stories. 
We start here with Tristen who has lost his reason to live.  Cami his lover, mother to his unborn child and best friend has died.  Without a reason to go on, the depression began to overtake him.  He meets Cami’s friend Aria and he is constantly reminded of his woman.  Cami and Aria share a lot of the same behaviors and traits and by keeping a friendship with Aria he can hang on to the memories and feelings he had with Cami.  I think Tristen felt misunderstood most of the time.  Tristen had to suffer his loss alone. For reasons you will find out in the book, he couldn’t go the common healing route, he had to find his own way.  When he and Aria became closer I was hopeful that this could be a second chance for him, yet I was torn because I knew he was still in love with Cami and I hated to see him risk trying to replace her before he was really ready. 
Aria had some issues as well.  I won’t go into them as you will find out when you read the book but I liked her.  Yes I liked her but I LOVED Tristen and felt such an over protective emotion in me regarding him.  Later in the book Aria gave Tristen a gift he will be forever grateful for.  I won’t go farther because that moment needs to be experienced by the reader not in a review.  I will say it was beautiful and answered so many of his questions and I was happy that he was able to let go of the regrets and sadness he had carried for nineteen months. 
Over all I really loved all of the characters development, don’t confuse that with I liked all of them, but the author did a wonderful job painting a picture of each of them for the reader.  It felt like you could almost pick them out of a crowd by the way we were allowed to get to know them.  The author gets major credit for making me a blubbering idiot multiple times while reading.  The plot is not one I feel that will be easily predictable.  Yes sometimes the writing was on the wall and we knew what was going to happen in some places but there were a few WOW DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING moments and I treasure that in a book. 
I would certainly say that this author is going on my watch list and I will be going back to grab book one ASAP while stalking her for her next book.  The writing style was fresh and her steamy scenes could burn down the house because they were packed with intense emotions and she made them mean something.  I could go on about this book and author but I strongly suggest you go on that journey yourself.  Grab the tissues and settle in to be drawn into a story you won’t soon forget.   
“I don’t- I’ve always been the sister-type, never like this.  Do you really want this?  I don’t expect anything afterwards, but are you really attracted to me like that?”  She murmured, so unsure of herself.  Her hands landed on my bare chest and glided over my nipple piercings.  The sensitivity was there and I briefly thought about what it would feel like having her luscious lips wrapped around them. 
“Listen to me.  Listen very carefully because you should already know this.  You’re gorgeous, inside and out.  We never saw you as our sister, we all respected you though.  You were the one everyone wanted but never had a chance with.  I could call up any of our surfing friends and they’d agree.  Hell, the girls knew it too.  When one of the guys started working up the nerve to ask you on a date, the others would warn about what would happen if he hurt you.  I guess we all kinda cock blocked you.”  I rub my neck, realizing how we were back then.  “I’m sorry for that.”

Texas born and raised, I found my love for dirty books rather recently.  I work in real estate for my day job and I write contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and erotica.  Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones.  Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder’s story).  Tate’s story, Deceitfully, will finish off the series and will be out in spring of 2015.


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