06 October 2014

Taste of Air by Cassie Sweet

 The reappearance of necromancers to the Dominincál city-states worries Sadonia prolate Estobán Medovin. Ever since Masters Nico and Theodyne drove the necromancers from his mind three years before, he’s suffered an odd affliction—painting while asleep. It is a secret that, if discovered by his enemies, could bring his rule to an untimely and violent end. On the eve of the demigogal elections in the holy city of Gusan, fearing the new candidate might be under their direct influence, Estobán requests an alchemist well-versed in ferreting out death dancers join his mission to seek out conspirators.

Evil floods the streets of the holy city, and the elementals are anxious. Master alchemist Jolen Meripen should know; as an aerothant—hybrid of a human and air elemental—he can hear their voices in his head, telling him of the corruption festering under the pristine edifices.

When Jolen discovers a piece of the ruby tablet known as the Elementica in Estobán’s possession and necromancers bid to collect them all and thus rule over the elements, he knows he must do everything he can—including sacrificing his life to bring peace to Dominicál and save the man he has come to love.

I had finished this book before I realized it was the second book in a series. I really liked it once I was able to figure out what all of the terminology meant.  I didn’t realize until I was done that there was a glossary of terms at the end.  I was able to deduce what had taken place in the first book and I do not think you miss too much by not reading the first book as long as you read the glossary and familiarize yourself with the terms.  Once you figure out enough of the terms it is easy to lose yourself in the magical fantasy world Ms. Sweet has invented.  It is an amazing world where elemental powers, magic and necromancy are set in a medieval time period.

The main characters Esteban and Jolen are fascinating and the intrigue and action is constant from the beginning to the end of the book.  The ending was very intriguing and makes me anxious for the next book.  If you read the books in order, which I would recommend, then you are introduced to Theodyne and Nicodemus and their relationship which would be interesting since Theodyne plays such a large role in this book.  I am very excited to read the next book in the series and find out how the Prolates, Alchemists, and Elementals will band together to continue their fight against the necromancers attacking their country.


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