21 October 2014

The Furry Matchmaker by Lori Toland

Dave Wallace is on his way to work when the sight of a tiny kitten stranded on an interstate overpass nearly breaks his heart. After he stops to save her, he goes to the nearest vet and meets Dr. Christian Prince, a gorgeous man David assumes is straight and completely uninterested in him. When Dave leaves he knows he'll never see the vet again... until Christian calls him about the kitten, and maybe more.

This was a really quick, cute, and sweet story!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much Ms. Toland was able to pack into this story with how short it was.  I thought she did a great job with the characters because they were very well developed in my opinion. 

The storyline was one that I haven’t actually read before, so I enjoyed that immensely.  I thought that she did a great job at writing the characters to where they were both in the dark until they were ready to come into the light and see what was right in front of them.

While usually I say that I hope for more from the characters I read about, that isn’t really the case here.  But what I do hope for?  Is more stories where the little calico, whose name I WON’T tell you, plays a roll in!


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