21 October 2014

Texas and Tarantulas by Bailey Bradford

You never know what you’ll find in south Texas—or what will find you.

Trent Jacek doesn’t want too much—to live on the ranch his brother owns, a few puppies to keep him company in his trailer, maybe a good man if he can find one. First he has to catch a break long enough to try. Things just aren’t slowing down on the Jacek ranch. They’ve got a barn to rebuild, and their plan to get a pack of shifter wolves off their back doesn’t seem to be working.

Then there’s the matter of the bones the police are looking for on the ranch. After a grayed, old femur was left on the porch, Trent and his brother Joe are forced to confront some things they’d never expected to. Is that solitary bone from their mother, who went missing over twenty years ago? If so, how did she end up there? If not, who is dumping people on the ranch?

Trent’s been having the strangest dreams since he’s seen that femur but can’t imagine they’re more than just dreams. He doesn’t have a lot of time to worry about them between shifter attacks, a nosy biologist and neighbors coming by to snoop.

What Trent doesn’t know is someone has put an assassin on his tail, but it’s the assassin who will come to question everything he’s been told once he meets the vibrant, sexy man he’s been sent to kill.

Publisher's Note: This book is the sequel to Dark Nights and Headlights by Bailey Bradford.

So I will give this warning with this book, if you are afraid of reading about Tarantulas, then this might not be the one for you.  While, unfortunately, there are not tarantula shifters in this story (I was sooooooo holding out for that too!) they are mentioned quite a bit in here.  Even to the point of having one as a pet! (Totally jealous!)

This book is the sequel to Dark Nights and Headlights, and while I would say that you don’t *have* to read that book to understand what is going on because Ms. Bradford does a great job at summing up the details as to what happened, I would recommend it because it is a great addition to this story and it will clear up any questions you may have.

I thought that Ms. Bradford did a great job with the characters in this book.  I especially loved how it was completely off guard on who wanted what in the relationship; it really wasn’t what it seemed.  I really believe that she also did an amazing job with the storyline as well.  I was worried that it wouldn’t be as exciting as the first book was, but she sure proved me wrong!  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and was left for wanting more!

I really hope that there will be another book in this series because I just love how different they are from the *normal* paranormal shifter books out there right now.  These ones are about finding someone who you are happy with, for who they are.  And not because you are destined to be with them.  They are also about the love of a family, and being there to support them without any questions, just because you want too.


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