09 October 2014

The Harvest: Taken by M.A. Church

We are not alone. In the year 2050 mankind’s never-ending quest for proof life exists in the universe is answered—in the form of massive space ships that appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations. The name of their planet is Tah’Nar—and is dying. The United States sets up a lottery system, and each young man between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-eight is assigned a number. Once a year, for the next five years, numbers will be drawn and a new set of one thousand males will be collected. The media coined the expression ‘The Harvest’ for when the Tah’Narian’s collect these young men.

Captain Keyno Landium Shou is a Tah’Narian starship captain who has been granted the right to take a mate, any mate, he wants during the last harvest on Earth. Dale was seventeen when the aliens first appeared. His parents assumed he’d be safe since the final collection would be done before he turned twenty-three. He didn’t fall within the guidelines established, so they took for granted he had nothing to fear.

They were wrong.

I’m not a big sci-fi reader.  I think I have said that before, but for me to be able to enjoy a sci-fi type book, it has to be something that’s not overdone.  Something that is so out there, that you have to wonder if it is possible for this to happen at some point in the future.  With this book, I was scared a bit in the beginning because it seemed like it was a typical sci-fi alien book, but as I got further along in the story I couldn’t put it down!
We have Dale, who is an Earthling.  (I have always wanted to say that!) And he’s been living his life out knowing that when he turns  23 he will be tossed into a lottery and could end up staying with the aliens for the rest of his life.  What he doesn’t realize is that Keyno has been watching him since he first met him and is willing to break all the rules to be with him.
One thing that I enjoyed about this book was that Keyno is an alien (obviously) but even though he is an alien, there is more to him than just that.  The personality that Keyno has is just amazing, you could tell how he really felt about Dale and about the people that he was responsible for.  The only thing that I was hoping for was more of a resistance from Dale when it came to finding out what was happening and the reasons behind the harvest.
This isn’t your typical romance, or a sci-fi.  There is drama, suspense, action, romance and smut all wrapped into a great book that will keep you wanting for more and more.  This is the first book in The Harvest series and you can guarantee that I will be watching out for the rest of the series.

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