12 November 2014

Sacred Bonds by Susannah Gautier

 Five hundred years ago the last female Amateris was saved by the vampire Loukas de Vecchi, keeping the immortal race of sorcerers from extinction by the vampire infiltrated Inquisition.

Today, the mortal descendant of the last immortal female, Eva Delano is an orphaned adoptee who has no knowledge of her true identity. She is a well-known genealogist and professor whose greatest desire is to find her biological family. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Loukas, the enigmatic stranger who claims she is the Genos, the savior of the Immortal Amateris race, and is being hunted by the Death Demons, her immortal enemies.

Eva soon realizes she is falling for her Guardian, the elusive Loukas De Vecchi, who is sworn to protect her until the prophesy is fulfilled. Eva must undergo the rites of immortality, save her doomed race and become the new leader of her people. But to do so, she must perform an impossible task- she must give up the man she loves, her protector and her sworn enemy.

Oh wow such a beautiful book! This book hit so many sweet spots for me it had vampires, shifters, magic users, fae, legends/ prophecy and intriguing main characters.  I loved the Amateris and hope that Eva can really bring this race back from the brink and am excited to watch her do it.  I also loved that Eva has started to integrate with the other supernatural species and I hope in the next book we can see her work with Kanis to rescue his daughter. 

I loved that although Eva was raised by humans and had no knowledge of her ancestry once her powers started to emerge they were almost instinctual for her.  Loukas was an amazing character his dedication to his calling or purpose was admirable especially when fighting against his vampiric nature.  I loved the themes of second chances and love surviving throughout lifetimes. 

The action and adventure starts at the beginning and continues throughout the entire book.  This book has plenty of action and adventure but it also mixes in romance and fantasy as well.  I was very impressed with this book and look forward to reading more books in this series in the future.

I grew up on an Island, with no cable TV, Internet, or video games. Instead, I found my imagination ignited by the books I read, the drawings I made, and the natural world surrounding me. My love of books never waned. I majored in English in college and later found myself working in the travel industry and traveling the world, visiting places I had only read about in novels and history books. Those life experiences continued to fuel my imagination and I finally began to spin those stories in my head into books.

I write books that are outside of reality as we know it. My worlds are as unique as the characters that inhabit them; the Underworld of Vampires, Weres, and Witches, a futuristic world with mind-bending Technology, and the secret world of Undercover Agents. Sometimes it is just the fantasy of falling in love, which is always full of magic.

When I don't have my nose in a book or ebook, I enjoy all types of music, movies with HEAs, going to the beach, traveling, yoga, and hanging out with my rescued mutt.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Sign up for my Updates on my website, and I will drop you a note when my next book comes out.


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