22 November 2014

Skin Deep by Jocelyn Stover

For first year surgical resident Veronica the prescription for success is simple: a little hard work and a lot of extra effort to stay one step ahead of her competition. Like any pill her new job is fraught with side effects, and an embarrassing encounter on her first day should have been her first clue that she needed to read the label on the bottle a little more carefully. As her meticulously concocted regimen begins to fail she quickly finds herself overwhelmed, swallowing daily doses of a brilliant mentor, her gorgeous co-worker, and a hilarious sidekick. Can she suppress the infatuation, insatiable giggling, and bouts of poor judgment brought on by this med combo or will the unanticipated side effects turn her first year of residency into a living nightmare?
It was a refreshing change to have a full length novel that centers on the medical profession.  I found I was intrigued by the inner working of a hospital and its staff while watching Veronica manage her way during her residency at OHSU.  She is going to learn quickly that the fantasies she has of a sexy hero surgeon is better left unexplored or maybe this was the best thing she learned in her academic career. 
Being a surgeon was something that she aspired to be, but let’s face it, Veronica is pretty naïve when it comes to life and the people around her.  She meets Archie who will be the brother/best friend and thank God she has him now because he will also become her voice of reason.  When she encounters her hero Dr. Bates she is taken by his looks, talent and charm.  Seeing past the warnings Archie gives her she takes the nose dive into proving her worth as a surgeon and woman to Dr. Bates.  He is more than happy to learn about her but there could be an agenda that he is working with that is still unknown to everyone. 
Dr. Chad West knows Dr. Bates all too well.  He isn’t fooled but let’s add to the triangle, he has feelings for Veronica and will do whatever it will take to protect her from Bates.  Things are going to heat up and not always in a sexual way with this story.  The author gives us plenty of twists throughout this story.  Veronica is going to be faced with some betrayal that could end her career before she even has a chance to start. 
The cast of characters as a whole is fascinating to read.  Each has their own agenda and personality that brings a spark to this story.  The author did a wonderful job with her description and scene development of the hospital and routine that dictates the characters’ lives.  I was a huge fan of the television show ER and many times while reading this book, I felt like I was watching another episode of that show.  She was able to suck me in about a 1/4th of the way into the book and I was turning pages like they were on fire to solve the mystery and see when Veronica would finally see the reality of her situation, and become Ronnie.  <Inside joke with Archie>
For being my first time to read this authors work I was impressed and will be seeking out more of her books.  She can tell a story with her books that come to life and possess a certain magic.  That talent is not often seen these days, when you can capture the reader’s attention and heart while bringing them to the actual scene right by the sides of the characters.  This is a book that I would highly recommend.  


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