31 December 2014

Blood Heat by Dale Chase

 The last person cattle drover Tad Albright expects to see in a Cheyenne, Wyoming saloon is Clay Hecker, the lover he shot, and believed killed, twelve years before. While welcoming the knowledge that he’s no murderer, Tad doesn’t welcome the man whose betrayal prompted the shooting. As past mixes with present, passion ignites, but sex isn’t the cure-all it once was. Tempers flare, a fistfight ensues as they attempt to resolve a past that seems beyond resolution. Love does have a chance, but it’s no longer the stuff of youth. Can these men accept a healed-over wounded kind?

Well, that was interesting…. 2 ½ Rainbows
This was a very quick novella, about 38 pages set in America’s Wild West around 1893. Tad and Clay knew each other 12 years previous until Tad shot Clay and left him for dead.  Fast forward 12 yrs both now 31 yrs old. Clay walks into the Saloon Tad and his men are at for a few days. At first Clay ignores Tad which is fine then Clay wants his day of reckoning for being shot.
So this novella is basically some horny cowboys that get in on, get jealous, and make up. Which normally I’m all for! But the wording and phrasing of this was not the best.  Which is a shame because I can see the potential that this author has, the depth that these characters could have gone, but I just can’t get past raw words and actions used.  I still may look up others works, because again ignoring those words, actions I can see a good book, and maybe I can find it somewhere else?  


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