18 December 2014

Colour My Ugly Tour Stop!

“Our skin is clothing enough to cover what we hide inside.”
A dark tale of love, pain and ultimately, sacrifice.
Rowan was born to be a murderer, trained to do nothing but kill. He spends his days hidden in plain sight waiting for the next life he gets to snuff out....
When the name that crosses his desk of death is one that he cannot possibly kill, he makes a decision that will alter the course of both their lives forever.
Lauri has been dying at the hand of her husband for eight long years, his lust for revenge and need for her suffering have finally ended he wants her dead. Her body is broken, scarred and ugly, but it’s her heart and mind that are beyond repair.
When she wakes up dead her whole world changes and she can finally begin living.
Will Rowan colour the ugly out of her life and can she do the same for him? 
Some people are simply not good but they can be good for each other.
If I were to give one word to describe this book it would be haunting.  During the first half of the book I was lost as to where the plot was going but mainly I kept asking why I am addicted to this story.  I felt the story was being told in a way that was constantly repeating the thoughts and feelings and was so easy to predict the outcome.  Especially in the beginning of the book I was wanting to scream WE GOT IT ALREADY MOVE ON, but I am so thankful I didn’t give up because the last half of the story ripped my heart out and left me feeling such an emotional loss at the end and was anything but predictable. 
For this unique story the author gives us Lauri, Rowan and Callum, based in Africa and all leading dark and deadly lives.  Lauri grew up with her father after her mother ran away. While in Ireland at her grandmother’s funeral, Lauri’s father finally confessed what he did for a living and why her strange upbringing was done that way in order to protect her. Things began to make sense to her now since Africa was a country that law enforcement wasn’t dependable and accidents happened all of the time.   After his death she was then given a great deal of money and sent to one of the two properties he had purchased for her with a new identity.  This was her chance to start over.
Rowan was the son of her father’s best friend and up on the death of Rowan’s father, he was brought into Lauri’s family, soon assigned to the job of watching out for her, but later to take over her father’s estate and business after his death.  Lauri put herself through school and became a great cook and fell in love with her soon to be husband.  On the wedding night she realized that she married a monster far worse than her own father.  Callum is Rowan’s best friend and a drug ring leader along with some other jobs that you will find out in the story.  If I tell you now you will not get the full effect of the story.  He will also play a huge role in this plot that left me with my jaw dropping and my knuckles white. 
The main theme for this book is dark, twisted and haunting, as I stated earlier.  The evil had invaded their souls long before Rowan had to fake Lauri’s death in order to save her.  Once the reality of what she lived through unfolds, and he deals with the guilt of letting down her father by not protecting her and falling in love with her as well.  This is a relationship that started when she was only 15 and still with the mindset of each, shouldn’t probably be acted upon now, but I am glad they did.  Keeping her husband from finding her, protecting the fortune that her father left her, learning to trust when you have been told to trust no one your whole life, Lauri is confused and doesn’t know which way to turn.  Is she falling in love with a man that will ultimately drag her back into the life her father tried to protect her from? 
Be prepared for the ending of this book, it will take your breath away and leave you feeling haunted as I do.  What started out as a frustrating read, left me with a life time emotion for these characters.  I am so glad I trusted my desire to know more and finished this book and I look forward to reading more from this author.  If you love the dark and evil stories, this is a must read for you.  
A. Giannoccaro 
I live in South Africa with my husband, two daughters, five dogs, two meerkats and a parrot. I love to read usually about three books a week, and my kindle(s) are my favourite gadget. Colour My Ugly is my first book but there are so many more to come. 

I am a coffee addict and I hate purple sweets. 
I love to write next to an open window. And my desk is wherever my kids are at so I don't write in one place.

I am inspired by everything around me and I love to people watch wherever I go.

I love the beauty and flaws of my country and chose to set my stories here.
Instagram: @mrsgiannoccao


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