18 December 2014

Dreamspinner Advent Spotlight #6!

College friends Joon, Tae, and Sangsun parted ways after an aborted attempt at a threesome. Ten years later, life has carried them down very different paths, but Joon misses his friends and decides to invite them to his home in South Korea for Christmas. He believes they belong together, but convincing the others to defy tradition and try again will take faith, hope, and a lot of talking—especially since all three of them are still in the closet.
 A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package "Celebrate!".
This short story of three Korean men who have loved one another for years but refused to acknowledge it felt undone. They basically got together for one weekend, Joon inviting the other two with one hope on his mind – which seemed to be fulfilled in that they humped like bunnies for the rest of the story. But it felt contrived. I just can’t believe that Sangsun would so easily turn from his plan. I wish it had been a little longer, maybe covering a little more time. It would have made the decision they came to at the end of the book make more sense. And it might have felt like it would stick. I’m left with the feeling that once Sangsun goes back to his life, it isn’t going to be so easy to give it up.
Little confusing 3 rainbows
This 10 page novella is about three Korean friends that experimented ten years pervious got scared and ran away. Ten years later they are meeting up for the first time and start reminiscing of old times. One is a teacher, one a soldier and the last help runs his father’s company. All are convinced you cannot be openly gay in Korea.  As the night where’s on the teacher asks if any have tried with men since that night and the discussion quickly turns to religion and marriage.
I found this story a little confusing, it was like to author wanted to put more story into ten pages so instead of just going with one or two dialogues/themes we took on several. But it was well written and the concerns seemed all valid. 

Seth Anderson thought he was a finalist in the Hot Jack cologne modeling contest for King's Department Store, but Sandy King, upon reviewing Seth's photo and resume, just wanted to jump him like a horny kangaroo. Seth quickly learns there is pain behind Sandy’s bravado and a sweet, lonely man behind the act. A holiday romance blossoms like the flowers on an Australian Christmas Bell. When Seth, used to a family dynamic without boundaries, oversteps by outing Sandy to his estranged grandmother, however, everything changes. Sandy is furious. He breaks things off with Seth and threatens to return to the US. As Christmas approaches, any chance at happily ever after seems as likely as a snowstorm in Sydney. It would take a miracle from above to set things right. Good thing ‘tis the season.
A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package "Celebrate!".
This goes down as one of the oddest stories in Dreamspinner’s 2014 Advent Calendar. It was cute, strange, weird, sweet, bizarre, and probably a barrage of other descriptive words. There were moments I loved it, moments I was bored out of my mind, and moments where I really didn’t like where it was going. All-in-all, though, I liked it. Sandy, the mixed-up boss, who falls for ‘joey’ the first time he sees his picture, and Seth, whose parents entered him into a contest he wasn’t even aware of that put him face-to-face with Sandy. If I had to choose which character I loved the most? It would actually be Seth’s parents. Oh, my. They cracked me up! Absolutely no filter – either of them – and oh, so helpful to their son in a way that would make most kids scream and run away.
Worth reading for the humor, the Aussie terms, and the fact that no matter how bizarre it gets, it’s gonna get stranger.

In the 26th Century, mankind has breached the light speed barrier and begun to colonize other planets. They've also learned to Design human beings, known as Morphs, for specialized colony missions. Adrian is an Aerial Morph, on his way to colonize the low-gravity planet Eridani VI with his scientist Partner, Michael. In violation of the rules of the Morph Projects, they've been lovers for months. Michael cares more about his work than anything, while Adrian doesn’t take anything seriously except Michael. Before they arrive at their new home, they need to curtail their relationship before it destroys their professional Partnership.

The colony ship is scheduled to arrive at their destination on Christmas Eve. Some old holiday traditions persist, but when Adrian and Michael have differing ideas about what's best for their relationship and their careers, holiday gifts and ideas for new beginnings lead to crossed signals.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package "Celebrate!".
Talk about the perfect ending to the Dreamspinner Advent Calendar. I’m not even sure what to say about this story except to say it’s simply AWESOME! Enjoy sci-fi/fantasy? Enjoy futuristic tales with genetically engineered humanoids (or, as they are called here morphs)? Love feeling a little teary at the end of a great tale? Enjoy it when the heroes give up what they want so that the one they love can be happy? Fantasized about a human with feathers enfolding you when you get down and dirty? (What? It can’t be just me!) Then you are going to love Under a New Star.
Seriously, get it and read it now. Don’t wait. Now, people.
Great story, not sure what it has to do with Christmas? 5 rainbows
This is a sci-fi story, with little to do with Christmas. Michael is an OE (original Equipment) (human) Scientist and assigned partner to Adrian, a lab created/altered Morph, winged man.  They are on their way with a large crew to inhabit a new planet, Eridani VI. This takes about 8 months in warp speed. For the last 6, Michael and Adrian have had a sexual as well as professional relationship. This is not allowed according to the code and rules of Human/Morph partners. Humans are supposed to watch/look after their Morphs and it’s believed that is not possible if they become too friendly.  This story starts about 5 days before they drop out of warp and reach the new plant.  Michael is one of the youngest officers in his field picked to for this kind of mission and takes pride and believes his work is the most important thing. Adrian is this fun loving never follows the rules, makes everyone laugh, and loves life character. Michael at first doesn’t want to enter into a relationship with Adrian because of the rules, but Adrian convinces him. As they get closer emotionally and they start getting closer to their destination people are starting to notice and ask questions.
I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two MC, you can feel Michael and his turmoil between wanting to stay with his lover, partner and now the man he has fallen in love with and his career. You can’t help but smile at the things Adrian gets up to, and how bad he feels when Michael gets in trouble. It is mentioned a couple of times towards the end of the book, about how it’s close to Christmas on Earth and at the very end. I would not have classified this as a Christmas story?

Two strangers on a plane, one heading to Paris, the other Barcelona, both trying to get to their families in time for the holidays. It's Christmas Eve, and all they have in common is a connection through London. When flights get delayed and cancelled, that connection goes beyond an airport, a terminal, and a secluded meeting room. And for Lance and Bruce, Christmas morning will hold even more joyous miracles.
A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package "Celebrate!".
Another ‘okay’ story. Written well, though as it was so short the focus was mostly on the two men either trying to become a member of the mile high club, or doing unmentionables in a meeting room at the airport. Now, don’t get me wrong, but if an author goes so far as to mention condoms, but then spends several lines about how character A has his tongue up character B’s rear end and they’ve just met? I wonder why they even bother. Seriously – you can still get stuff orally. Just sayin’.
But I gave it 3 stars because I actually liked our two heroes. A ‘ships that pass in the night’ storyline that gets extended and extended… These two men might end up together yet.
Quite 14 page shag fest 4 rainbows
This novella is about two MC heading to Europe for the holidays both having a lay-over in London. Bruce has been reading for the first few hours of the flight and decides to introduce himself to his seatmate. When he looks up, he notices how attractive and attracted he is to him. Once Bruce is able to ask the seat mates name Lance and Bruce have an instant connection, laughing and bonding over names and moms.  Little while later after talking and getting a little friendly with knee rubs and such Bruce heads to the bathroom and Lance follows. Once they land they say Good-bye. Only to find out both of the flights have been delayed. And they meet up again for round two.
This is a short, to the point story about two men that find an attraction and act on it. It’s well written and got some great scenes between the two. I just wish it had been a bit longer. I’ll be looking up more from this author. 
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To fulfill his grandfather’s final request, TJ Barclay travels to Scotland over Christmas to bury his ashes next to his lost love, so they can be together at last. While there, he meets Jamie, the orphaned grandson of the man his grandfather loved sixty years ago, before circumstances tore them apart. Concerned for Jamie, TJ can’t leave Scotland without knowing he’s all right. Neither man expected a love story from the past to ignite a new one in the present.
A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package Celebrate!
This story was too short. Because of that, it was mostly telling and not a lot of showing. But it had so much potential that I gave it 3 stars. I can only hope that T.S. Morgan will write a full novel showing us about the two generations separated and brought back together. It will be a novel worth devouring.
WOW! Amazing 5 rainbows
This is a story that starts when Trent Justin, TJ, has been given a mission by his Grandfather on his death bed. Now a couple of weeks before Christmas TJ find himself on his way to Inverness, Scotland. Then we get read a couple of letters telling us how in 1923 his Grandfather Justin and a male lover Tristan were separated never to meet up again. And Justin never forgot. While in Inverness TJ discovers that someone has been looking after the plot next to the one that TJ just rested his Grandfather in, which happens to be the lost lover, Tristan. He finds that it’s the Grandson that his Grandfather was trying to find. TJ finds him and falls in love in with the younger man.
For just 12 pages, this author packs in a ton of emotions! You cry, laugh, smile and cheer. It so much more than a normal GFY, as it’s pointed out to us. I will be looking up other stuff for sure.
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Ex-Pat American Jacob Moore is looking forward to hosting his traditional Christmas Eve party with his partner, Errol. They love the quiet night of friends and food at their house in London, and the break before dealing with family, presents, and Boxing Day. The quiet is shattered when Jacob’s younger half sister, Pru, shows up on his doorstep, running away from home for a very good reason. Jacob has stayed in touch with her over the years, even though he’s estranged from their father. But nothing prepared him for this.

Now he has to decide what to do with this unexpected package from Father Christmas.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package "Celebrate!".


Total twist. This story was more about family than about a couple. Jacob is preparing for the Yule party he and his boyfriend Errol put on each year only to have his little sister Prudence show up unexpectedly on his doorstep. This is a story of family relations and done really well. I love how supportive Errol is automatically for Jacob’s half-sister that he didn’t even know about. I would love to see this story continued and see how Jacob handles being a pseudo-dad. Thankfully Errol can handle it: he’s been there before. And something tells me that jerk-o-dad is not going to make this easy.
5 stars all the way around. Read it – for a non-romance, it’s exceptionally good.

Charming 31 page novella 4 rainbows
This novella is about two MC and a strong secondary. Jacob has been living in London for years with his partner Errol.  He’s been estranges from his father and his family for years. But over the last couple of years reached out to his half sister, now fifteen, and they have been emailing back and forth.  Errol is a computer programmer and is always traveling, a couple of days before Christmas is still on the road and not due back until late that night. When Jacob hears a knock he is surprised to see his half sister Pru   on his door step. At fifteen, he doesn’t except her to be traveling a couple of days before Christmas, one by herself and two to him since the last time they met she was five.  Once inside and settled he finds that both the shared father and Pru’s mother forgot about her over the holiday and she decided to jump on a plane and visit. Instead of staying at a closed up all girls school.
I have to say, this was a very well written story, full of family drama, reconnection, learning, growing etc. I loved the fact that we found out how Errol and Jacob met.  They were both so understanding to Pru’s situation and welcomed her with open arms.  My biggest issue with this is way too much female in the MM story. The two MC are Jacob and Pru not Jacob and Errol.


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